First look at Hollyoaks’ Autumn return promises wedding woes, an incestuous love triangle and Buster’s return


HOLLYOAKS fans can finally get a fresh glimpse of the action as the exciting autumn trailer is revealed.

Channel 4 soap viewers can expect the opposite ends of the romance spectrum with a wedding officiated by Mercedes McQueen and an incestuous love triangle between Jordan, Leela and Peri, when the trailer airs on E4, after Hollyoaks’ first look, today at 7:30pm.

Hollyoaks’ autumn trailer will air tonight, at 7:30pm, on E4

It shows handsome grooms Scott and Mitchell, decked out in matching floral print suits, walking down the aisle to say I Do.

Yet it’s not all happy ever after for Mitchell, who is taunted by brother Toby for always getting a good outcome in life, no matter what.

Mitchell promptly tells him he will never be family, leaving Tony infuriated – but will he take his anger too far as he is seen glaring at the newlywed?

In an equally gripping romance, Jordan is caught out after kissing Leela, and suddenly Juliet is all too aware of their dirty little secret.

Scott and Mitchell can finally enjoy their I Do moment

Teaser images suggest Mitchell’s brother Toby may become violent

Peri and Juliet’s romance is set to blossom

Yet, as always in soap world, she becomes increasingly intertwined in the triangle as she shares a kiss with Peri, Leela’s daughter, hinting at their long-awaited romance.

Soap bosses have returned to the hard-hitting grooming storyline with Buster now in prison.

Brody comes face to face with his abuser behind bars in an attempt to find closure.

Meanwhile, the trailer also shows Tony Hutchinson’s grim period continue at the hands of his father.

Tony Hutchinson continues to be drugged by evil dad Edward

Tony’s behaviour becomes more eccentric after being drugged with testosterone

Juliet and Peri share a smooch – as Peri’s mum Leela’s romance with Jordan blossoms

Nick Pickard’s character is seen being drugged with more testosterone medication so evil dad Edward can maintain his eratic behaviour.

He is drugging his son to prove to Diane he is a suitable partner – but will it work?

Finally, the gripping Channel 4 trailer will show Juliet’s desires to be higher up the dealing ladder in The Country Lines.


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