Five Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Luke Posner’s shocking confession and Liam Cavanagh’s wedding chaos


LUKE Posner confesses to playing a part in his rapist brother Lee’s death next week in Emmerdale, while Liam Cavanagh is stunned when his ex Bernice Blackstock dons a wedding dress to stop him marrying Leyla. 

Here’s the lowdown on what to expect next week in Emmerdale…

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Aaron arrives at Sandra’s caravan to find Liv in the throes of a seizure

1. Liv spirals

Liv continues to struggle in the wake of Paul Ashdale’s death next week in Emmerdale and continues to rely on booze to drown her sorrows. 

Meanwhile, Ben offers to help Aaron on his mission to rescue Liv. 

When they arrive at Sandra’s caravan, they find Liv having a seizure and are horrified to discover it’s her second in two days. 

Wendy urges Luke to tell Vic everything when he makes a confession

2. Luke confesses his secret to Vic

Luke drunkenly confesses his dark secret to his girlfriend Victoria Sugden next week.

The chef recently revealed why he’d been hiding his sexuality to his mum Wendy, admitting that he’d fought with Lee about his same-sex relationship on the day of his death. 

Next week, Luke wakes up hungover on his mum Wendy’s sofa and despairs as the previous evening and his confession to Vic comes flooding back to him.

How much has he told her?

Wendy goes behind Luke’s back and comes clean to Vic

3. Wendy betrays Luke

Wendy orders Luke to tell Vic the whole story about his fight with Lee.

When Luke fails to tell Vic what’s going on, Wendy betrays Luke and tells his girlfriend everything. 

How will Vic react?

Bernice dons a wedding dress to try and stop Liam marrying Leyla

4. Bernice tries to stop Liam’s wedding

Bernice crashes her ex Liam and Leyla’s wedding day next week in Emmerdale – and rocks up in a wedding dress.

Leyla is gobsmacked when she claps eyes on Bernice wearing a wedding dress. 

Bernice then makes a last-ditch plea to Liam, but will he listen?

Leanne hits on Billy

5. Leanna’s attempt to hit on Billy backfires

With Leanna’s relationship with Jacob – who’s currently living in Portugal with his mother – at rock bottom, she sets her sights on person trainer Billy next week.

With Leyla and Liam preoccupied with their upcoming wedding plans, viewers will see a tipsy Leanna make a move on Billy. 

Will she embarrass herself?

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