Five explosive Coronation Street Christmas spoilers as Kelly returns and Gary’s killer secret is exposed


CORONATION Street fans better brace themselves for another dramatic Christmas on the cobbles as Gary’s killer secret comes exploding out.

Last year’s Christmas Day siege killed off two characters and injured another. Here’s the lowdown on everything that’s unfolding this festive season in the ITV soap…

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Leanne tells Nick to move out and live with Sam just in time for Christmas

1. Leanne kicks Nick out

In the countdown to Christmas, viewers will see Nick’s son Sam beg him and Leanne to let him move in after his mum Natasha decides to move to London. 

Struggling to cope with the grief of losing Oliver, Leanne tells Nick that moving Sam in isn’t an option right now. 

Nick gently breaks the news to Sam but promises to visit. 

When Sam comes over later in the week, however, Leanne flies into a rage when she sees him playing with one of Oliver’s toys and lashes out. 

Leanne then puts Nick in a difficult position when she urges him to buy a flat by himself and move Sam in.

David recreates his wedding to Shona this festive season in Coronation Street

2. David and Shona reunite

It’s been a rough year for Shona and David after she was caught in the firing line of Derek Milligan’s shooting last Christmas and ended up in hospital with brain damage. 

Their festive season doesn’t get off to the best start this year either when Lily gets a jewellery bead stuck up her nose, leading Shona and David to rush her to A&E.

Things only get worse when Shona spots David flirting with newcomer David and storms off to Victoria Gardens, where David finds her and tries to make peace. 

They eventually admit they still love each other and want to make things work, before re-enacting their wedding day – which Shona can’t remember due to her memory loss – with the help of Max and Lily.

Spoiler pics show Shona beaming with delight as she walks out of their front door in her wedding veil just as snow begins to fall.

Maria kicks Gary out when she realises he’s connected to Rick’s death

3. The walls close in around Gary

Sarah Barlow calls Crimestoppers and tells them the location of Rick Neelan’s body and points the finger at Gary.

He’s later released without charge when the police fail to find enough evidence connecting him to Rick.

But Gary’s wife Maria smells something fishy after overhearing him arguing with Sarah – and kicks him out.

Maria takes pity on Rick’s daughter Kelly

4. Kelly returns

Rick Neelan’s daughter Kelly will make a dramatic reappearance on the cobbles this Christmas as Gary’s killer past comes back to haunt him. 

On Christmas Eve, Kelly rocks up at Maria’s flat and quizzes her about Rick’s whereabouts, telling Maria that Gary is the only person in contact with her dad. 

Maria feels sorry for the teenager and calls Gary over, but he clams up at the sight of Kelly and insists he hasn’t had contact with Rick for ages. 

Toyah begins her fostering journey as Leanne struggles with her grief

Will Maria get to the bottom of Gary’s secret? 

5. Toyah and Imran’s baby wish comes true

Coronation Street has confirmed that Toyah Battersby and Imran Habeeb will play an important role in this year’s Christmas episodes as they finally begin their fostering journey.

Viewers will see her Toyah and Imran brimming with joy when they take in a baby on Christmas Eve under an emergency placement, with Gemma taking some time off from her festive celebrations to pop in and offer the new parents some advice. 

But the soap will be pitting Toyah and Imran’s baby joy against her sister Leanne’s grief as she hides away in her flat on Christmas Day, all alone after kicking Nick out and consumed by grief after losing her son Oliver.