Five explosive Coronation Street spoilers: three characters in mortal danger and stalking horror gets serious

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THREE characters face serious danger this week and one of them fails to survive.

While a killer is still roaming free in Coronation Street, there’s another danger lurking in the shadows for one resident.

Todd and Paul could get in serious trouble

Stephen is desperate to keep his secrets under wraps

But the truth is slowly catching up to him

1. Stephen is exposed

Walls are slowly closing in on Stephen Reid.

The businessman played by Canadian actor Todd Boyce first began to try and steal money from those closest to him.

But as his web of lies grew, he ended up resorting to murder to keep his scheming secret.

As mentioned above, Stephen has been trying to stay out of trouble following Leo’s death.

However, Elaine Metcalfe (portrayed by Paula Wilcox) got close to the truth and he appealed to her feelings for him.

Coming up on ITV, Stephen tells his sister Gail Platt (Helen Worth) he’s worried that Elaine might be reading too much into their budding friendship while in the Rovers.

Teddy Thompkins (Grant Burgin) overhears this and parks himself at Stephen and Elaine’s table.

Elaine is miffed at the intrusion but Stephen is secretly grateful for his intervention.

Teddy explains to Stephen he’d wanted to come to his rescue after hearing what he told Gail.

But as Stephen shows his gratitude with a round of drinks, Teddy suddenly remembers something about his recent accident.

In later scenes, just as Teddy speaks about his upcoming stay in Canada in a bid to find his son Leo, he decides to give up on the trip much to Stephen’s relief.

Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) says something to Teddy which triggers a memory… and soon, he remembers everything.

Teddy gets attacked

2. One resident is brutally killed

Fuming, Teddy confronts Stephen as the latter heads out of the factory and accuses him of having done something to Leo.

Little does he know he’s actually right as Stephen murdered the hunk in late 2022 before disposing of his body.

Teddy grows angry, revealing he remembers every word of their conversation before his accident, but Stephen tries to keep his cool.

Instead, he leads Teddy into the factory, suggesting they can talk inside.

Teddy doesn’t back down and accuses Stephen of doing all that he could to stop him from going to Canada as he knows the evil businessman killed his son to keep Jenny Connor for himself.

He then promises Stephen he will be reporting him to the police… but the villain manages to whack him over the head.

Stephen later drags his own mother Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) in his mess as it becomes clear he’s killed again.

After putting the corpse of his second victim in Audrey’s car roof box, Stephen struggles to move it.

Kevin and Abi Webster, alongside Tim Metcalfe, then help him lift the box onto the roof of the car, unaware of its contents.

But matters only get worse for Stephen when he heads back out of the factory and realises, much to his horror, that Audrey’s car is gone.

Sarah Platt later reveals that Audrey took the vehicle to visit her friend Bev in the Peak District, leaving Stephen mortified.

Will he get caught?

Daisy’s stalker becomes more insistent

3. Daisy’s stalking horror escalates

Elsewhere in the cobbles, Daisy Midgeley has become the target of a stalker.

The beloved character played by Charlotte Jordan befriended a man called Justin.

Unfortunately, the latter got the wrong idea and is doing everything he can to seduce her.

Coming up, Daniel (portrayed by Rob Mallard) takes a delivery at No.1 of another bunch of flowers.

He glances at the card and spots Justin’s name, prompting him to ask Daisy who it might be.

Daisy is furious and messages Justin to tell him to leave her alone once and for all.

Justin fails to get the hint and a delivery man calls in with another bouquet for Daisy from him.

Her heart sinks but she puts her social media presence to good use with a post warning other women.

But this makes things worse – an angry DJ Teativo calls at the Rovers Return and demands Daisy take down her damaging post.

Daisy is horrified to discover she targeted the wrong person and has no clue who Justin is.

How will she get rid of him?

Summer is rushed to hospital

4. Mike is left for dead

Summer Spellman (played by Harriet Bibby) made a shocking discovery about Mike Hargave’s past.

Unfortunately, she pays the price for it when the latter (Tom Lorcan) locks her in a room without her insulin and behind his wife Esther’s back.

While Mike was scared of Summer exposing him, Esther (Vanessa Hehir) was more than happy to stop keeping secrets from her.

How far will Mike go?

While that remains to be seen, Aaron Sandford (James Craven) and Weatherfield vicar Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) are worried when they can’t get hold of Summer.

Aaron takes matters into his own hands and heads over to Mike’s house but he’s told that Summer has gone shopping with Esther.

The lad is pushed into leaving but remains suspicious of Mike.

Following Aaron’s departure, Mike finally unlocks the nursery door but is horrified to find Summer unconscious, the result of her being locked without her insulin.

Esther soon arrives and demands answers before calling an ambulance for Summer.

Meanwhile, Mike spins her a tale about Summer trying to back out of their surrogacy agreement and assures Esther he only detained her in the hopes he could change her mind.

Summer is taken to hospital but nurse Aggie Bailey overhears Mike giving a false name for her.

Worried, she immediately contacts Billy and the vicar arrives along with Paul Foreman (Peter Ash), wondering what’s going on.

The situation escalates and Billy, Paul and Aaron are furious to find out from a police officer that the creepy couple accused Summer of lying about being pregnant to extort money from them.

Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) and Paul are horrified to find Mike at Summer’s bedside in later scenes.

Mike hurries out and an angry Paul rushes after him.

When Mike approaches his front door, he’s confronted by Paul and Todd.

The former sees red and, in a blind rage, shoves Mike hard.

Mike falls and hits his head on a plant pot, lying motionless on the ground.

Todd and Paul stare down at him, mortified.

Has Paul killed Mike?

Will Summer make it?

Hope has been trying to know more about her serial killer father John

5. Fiz makes shock discovery

Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine) has tried to put her past with serial killer John Stape behind her.

Sadly for her, her time with the criminal always seems to creep back up on her, particularly since her daughter Hope (played by Isabella Flanagan) realised who her father was.

In recent months, the twelve-year old schoolgirl has been curious to find out more about John, even admitting to her friend Sam Blakeman (Jude Riordan) she related to him.

This week, Sam finds Hope in the café listening to her John Stape cassette, which she keeps on her nearly at all times.

Hope explains to a shocked Sam that hearing her late father’s voice helps her get to know him better.

She’s later devastated when, back at home, the tape unspools.

Her stepfather Tyrone (Alan Halsall) flies to the rescue and manages to sort it out.

But he and Fiz are horrified when he presses play and John Stape’s voice fills the room.

Sam explains to them that Hope listens to the tape of her father in an attempt to get to know him.

How will Fiz and Tyrone react?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV.