Five explosive Emmerdale Christmas spoilers as Al’s mystery woman is revealed and Charity tries to ruin Christmas


SECRETS and lies will come exploding out this festive season as Al Chapman’s mystery woman is rumbled and Charity Dingle tries to ruin Christmas.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening in the Dales over the Christmas period…

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Emmerdale’s Paddy plans a surprise Christmas wedding for Chas

1. Paddy and Chas tie the knot

Viewers will see Paddy and Marlon get to work in the countdown to Christmas, determined to pull off the secret wedding for Chas. 

Disaster strikes, however, when the friends realise they’ve forgotten to send out wedding invitations. 

Paddy gets increasingly stressed as things don’t go to plan and the marquee company cancels his reservation. 

Luckily, Marlon comes to his rescue and suggests holding the wedding reception in the beer garden.

Emmerdale’s Charity tries to ruin Christmas

2. Charity gets dressed in black

Still on a downward spiral after getting dumped by Vanessa, Charity teams up with Mackenzie to stash stolen goods – much to the dismay of Chas who spots her in the act.

Later, Charity is hurt when she realises she doesn’t have an invite to the wedding ceremony. 

Viewers will see a bitter and miserable Charity storm out of the house dressed up in funeral attire.

What is she up to and will she destroy the wedding?

Paul attacks Vinny again this Christmas in Emmerdale

3. Paul turns to violence again 

Paul shoots himself in the foot when he spots Liv having a driving lesson and tells Aaron about her seizures. 

Liv is fuming by Paul’s betrayal and blows his cover as revenge, telling Vinny that his dad has been gambling again. 

But when Vinny confronts Paul, he reacts with violence and launches another brutal attack against his son.

Al’s dirty secret is exposed in a ‘magnificent’ way this festive season

4. Al’s mystery woman is exposed

Al will sneak off on Christmas day to visit his other woman, fabricating an imaginative excuse to his fiancee Priya. 

Emmerdale has teased that Andrea, Dawn and Belle will then all receive mysterious texts, but just how Al’s mystery woman is revealed remains to be seen.

Soap boss Laura Shaw recently suggested Al’s secret will explode this Christmas in a “magnificent” way.

Speaking to HOAR Online, Laura teased: “We’ve got a really big fun Christmas coming up and it’s jam-packed full of romance, disaster, comedy, heartbreak, shock twists and turns and a huge secret is going to come out in a truly magnificent way that’s going to make everybody gasp, I promise you.”

5. Malone haunts Harriet from the grave

Viewers will see Harriet crumble under the pressure of moving the body of Malone from the local graveyard. 

When she calls in a replacement vicar to go ahead with Chas and Paddy’s wedding, the villagers worry about her well-being.

The big question is: will Harriet’s secret stay hidden or could the truth about Malone come exploding out?

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