Five explosive Hollyoaks spoilers for this week


WITH Warren Fox out of the picture, Sienna Blake knows she could get into serious trouble for getting her revenge.

Damon Kinsella is also struggling to keep their secret. Here’s what you need to know on all of this week’s Hollyoaks drama.

Sienna made Warren pay for his role in Brody’s death

1. Sienna tries to cover her tracks

After finding out Warren Fox (portrayed by Jamie Lomas) was responsible for Brody’s death, Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) made sure she was able to avenge the love of her life.

Channel 4 viewers may remember she finally managed this with a little help from Damon Kinsella (Jacob Roberts) who saved her from being killed by a fuming Warren.

But after Sienna throws him in the deep end with his girlfriend (and her sister) Liberty Savage, Damon has a lot of explaining to do.

He tries to lie his way out of trouble but Sienna makes things even more complicated by getting him to plant evidence linking an innocent Joel Dexter to his father’s disappearance.

Damon then gets caught in the act when an unsuspecting Liberty walks in – how will he throw her off his scent?

In later scenes, Norma Crow sets Sienna up with an important task that needs doing for the following day, adding that she can only trust her… and Warren.

This prompts Sienna to enlist the help of her favourite sidekick, Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) for Norma’s job and he jumps at the chance of getting some more cash.

Will Damon throw her under the bus?

2. Damon makes a shock confession

Meanwhile, Liberty (Jessamy Stoddart) is reeling from her boyfriend Damon’s shocking confession and tries to confront Sienna.

But she only catches her sister in the midst of a dangerous job.

Liberty and Damon later plan to go to the police together however he later agrees with Sienna he won’t go along with that plan.

Sadly for Sienna, Liberty is determined to stop all the lies – can Damon convince her to remain quiet?

To make matters worse, danger come to Sienna.

Could it be Liberty trying to throw her under the bus?

Or could Warren – who is very much alive unbeknownst to her – have found a way to get payback?

John Paul is set to have his life back on track – but can he really be trusted?

3. John Paul gets back on his feet

Elsewhere in the Chester village, John Paul McQueen (James Sutton) tries to get his act together after many weeks of turmoil.

He first decides to give scheming Lexi Calder (Natalie Anderson) another chance after finding out she was trying to scare him away from Hollyoaks High.

Unfortunately, she can’t be as forgiving as he is due to the many recent mishaps he’s been embroiled in.

Later on, John Paul bumps into Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox) who extends an olive branch.

But is he truly ready to hear and face what he has done?

While that remains to be seen, his family definitely want to put him to the test and decide the most promising road to recovery would be to get him back to teaching.

His mother Sally St. Claire (Annie Wallace) sets up an impromptu meeting between him and Freya.

Sally and Nancy go a step further in later scenes by testing his teaching skills with another surprise practise lesson.

Will John Paul manage to get himself back on the straight and narrow after his overwhelming alcohol addiction?

Romeo saves his spot on the radio show – will it last?

4. Romeo’s job is at risk

With the park still recovering from the recent knife attack, Romeo Nightingale (Owen Warner) decides to take action when he’s told he could get sacked due to his radio show’s low ratings.

He decides to make the most of the park by hosting an outside broadcast – but his show partner Prince McQueen (Malique Thompson-Dwyer) is upset to have been an afterthought.

Romeo later enlists Zain’s help in a bid to track down the king and they come up with an idea.

The pair decide to throw their own soup kitchen in a bid to attract his attention.

The kitchen is in full swing in later scenes and it looks like they’ve found their man but the latter disappears before Romeo can say anything to him.

Before long, Donna-Marie offers her help.

Will Maya’s murder investigation ever be solved?

5. Maya’s murder is revisited

Could there be more trouble ahead for Sienna, Ste and Ethan Williams?

DS Zoe Anderson (Garcia Brown) is ready to get to the bottom of Maya’s murder investigation this week, although she still has a lot on her plate due to her row with Felix Westwood.

When she runs into Dave Williams, she realises just how much Sam likes her but things could get awkward.

Zoe spots a bank transaction that could be brought up as new evidence in the investigation.

But when she decides to do some digging, she’s met with a wall.

Later on, Zoe is caught red-handed and her career is in jeopardy.

Could she be on to something?

Hollyoaks airs on Channel 4.