Five explosive Hollyoaks spoilers: killer finally caught, hospital horror and a villager’s dark past is exposed


TIME may have finally ran out for one Chester villain as the New Year begins.

However, danger and secrets remain in Hollyoaks. Get the lowdown on all the upcoming drama.

Bobby Costello is getting caught up with the truth

The lad has been acting out for several months

1. Bobby faces the police

Is the jig up or Hollyoaks villain Bobby Costello?

In recent months, the boy portrayed by Jayden Fox has wreaked mortal havoc, even surpassing his great grandfather, serial killer Silas Blissett.

But when Goldie McQueen became suspicious of him, the truth soon caught up with the lad.

This week, it looks like Bobby’s reign of terror may finally be over as the police question him.

But will he convince them of his innocence?

Meanwhile, Bobby’s mother Mercedes McQueen (played by Jennifer Metcalfe) feels more vulnerable than ever.

She throws herself at fellow villager and new love interest Felix Westwood (Richard Blackwood) as a distraction.

Unfortunately, Felix isn’t on the same page and tells her they should just be friends.

James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan) tries to keep Bobby quiet at the police station.

But will Bobby really keep running from justice?

Imran’s health takes a turn for the worse

2. Imran rushed to hospital

Elsewhere in the eponymous village, Imran Maalik (Ijaz Rana) continues his battle against his eating disorder.

Coming up on Channel 4, Imran receives his family’s support as he leaves for the eating disorder clinic.

Once there, he meets a girl named Justine and a conversation later encourages him to run away.

News of his disappearance get back to Imran’s family and Misbah (Harvey Virdi) is desperate to find him.

Fearing for her son’s safety, Misbah reports him missing to the police.

Later on, Zain (Jonas Khan) finds Imran collapsed in the village and brings him home.

But the relief is short-lived.

As the couple argue over Imran’s best interests, the lad’s health takes a turn for the worse and he is taken to hospital.

When they gather round at the hospital, the Maliiks are terrified that Imran may never wake up from his coma.

To make matters worse, Misbah is confronted by one of her colleagues, Dr Lewis, who has realised she tampered with Imran’s medical records to get him admitted to the clinic.

The consequences could be immediate and particularly dire as Misbah is on the verge of losing her job altogether.

Will Imran make it?

Is Misbah’s career really over?

Maxine Minniver has been on to Eric Foster for weeks

3. Maxine tries to catch Eric

Determined to bring Eric Foster to justice for his actions, Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson) receives his laptop but hacking it is more of a challenge than expected.

Eric (Angus Castle-Doughty) on the other hand is asked by Tony Hutchinson to help with Verity’s funeral.

Sadly, he struggles to bring himself to do it, prompting Maxine to offer her own help in a surprising turn of events.

But she has an ulterior motive as it’s revealed this is a ploy to get Eric to open up about his childhood in a bid to get his password.

Later on, Maxine discovers that Eric has made an expensive order, meant to arrive on the same day.

Will she find out what Eric has planned?

Help is definitely on the way for Maxine when she tries to convince James to help her case against Eric by showing him a letter from Eric’s former flatmate, Seamus.

James struggles to believe Eric could be guilty of anything, particularly when Tony sympathises with him.

However, he changes his mind when Seamus calls to tell them how dangerous Eric really is.

Eric heavily influenced Mason’s behaviour

4. Mason gets bullied

Speaking of comeuppance, Mason Chen-Williams (Frank Kauer) land him into plenty of trouble with his classmates.

This week, Leah Barnes (Elá-May Melek Demircan) and Charlie Dean (Charlie Behan) berate the youngster in class for his recent actions but they end up getting detention.

Charlie later plans to take Mason down, determined than ever before.

As punishment for their own actions, however, newcomer Beau Ramsey (Jon-Paul Bell) tells Charlie and Leah to film a video to teach students to respect each other.

Instead, the youngsters film Mason having a meltdown.

What is Beau hiding?

5. Beau’s past comes to light

But just as he’s trying to keep the peace in Hollyoaks High, Beau fails to run away from his own secrets.

Things get awkward for the new Hollyoaks resident when Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox) walks in on him looking at an adult site.

Suspicious, she later searches his name online and is shocked by what she finds.

Nancy then decides to speak to Sally about Beau’s past and gives him a chance to explain himself first.

Needless to say Beau could be in serious trouble.

Headmistress Sally St Claire is terrified the governors may have a lot to say about the school as they pay her a visit again.

What is Beau hiding?

Hollyoaks airs on Channel 4 and E4.