Five huge Coronation street spoilers for next week including Nick Tilsley’s disastrous return


CORONATION Street’s Nick Tilsley returns to the cobbles next week following the disappearance of his son Sam but is horrified when he comes face to face with one of Harvey’s gang members. 

Here’s the lowdown on next week from the cobbles…

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Nick returns next week in Corrie

1. Nick returns

Nick returns to help his family find Sam, but little does he know that Sharon is watching his every move and reporting it to Harvey. 

The co-owner of Underworld hops into a taxi and is horrified when he realises the driver is one of Harvey’s thugs. 

The thug gives Nick a burner phone and demands that he get Simon and Leanne to retract their evidence against Harvey – or he’ll never see Sam ever again.

Natasha is horrified to learn Sam has been kidnapped

2. Natasha begs Nick to tell the police

When Natasha gets wind that Sam has been kidnapped by Harvey’s thugs, she’s floored and begs Nick to tell the police what he knows. 

When Nick refuses to put Sam in any more danger by getting the police involved, Natasha heads to the police station by herself. 

Shona finds her at the police station waiting room and begs her to reconsider, but will she listen?

Nina is devastated when Abi bans her from Seb’s funeral

3. Abi bans Nina from Seb’s funeral 

Viewers know that Abi is blaming Nina for Seb’s death after discovering the attack happened thanks to her appearance. 

Next week, Nina is stunned when George reveals when Seb’s funeral is taking place, realising that Abi hasn’t told her and clearly doesn’t want her to attend.

Asha feels bad for Nina and tries to offer her support.  

Asha kicks off her plan to bring about Corey’s downfall

4. Asha plots against Corey

Asha meets up with Corey and kicks off her plan, telling him she misses him.

He falls for her act and tries to convince her to spend the afternoon with him in the empty flat upstairs.

A horrified Asha tries to wiggle her way out of the situation, telling him she hopes they can be together one day but that for now they’re better off as friends.

Corey is clearly unimpressed by Asha’s decision, but will he still open up to her about Seb’s murder?

Jenny discovers Sharon is Harvey’s aunt

5. Jenny discovers Sharon’s link to Harvey 

Jenny’s suspicions are piqued when Sharon has a change of heart and decides to move back home.

When Johnny and Jenny spot Sharon and Ronnie sharing a table at the bistro, Johnny mentions that he recognises her from prison but has no recollection of the mentoring scheme she reckons she is part of.

Jenny asks Gary to find out what he can about Harvey and is shocked to discover the link between him and Sharon. 

Sharon tells Jenny she knows about her affair with Ronnie

6. Sharon threatens Jenny 

When Jenny threatens Sharon, she’s horrified when Sharon reveals she knows all about her affair with Ronnie. 

Will Sharon blackmail Jenny into keeping quiet about her link to Harvey?