Five huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Meena’s huge error and April’s trolling terror


MEENA Jutla makes a huge error next week when she drops murdered Leanna’s ring by Liam’s foot.

Here’s the lowdown on next week from the Dales…

Meena drops murdered Leanna’s ring at her funeral

1. Liam clashes with Jacob 

Liam refuses to engage with Leyla and Jacob over Leanna’s funeral arrangements next week in Emmerdale. 

The following day, Liam tells Charles he wants a traditional and respectful funeral for Leanna and he’s fuming when Jacob arrives and tries to join the meeting. 

When Jacob clashes with Liam over the arrangements, the youngster announces that he knew Leanna better than Liam did. 

Liam storms out and Leyla is left blaming herself for involving Jacob in the funeral arrangements. 

2. Meena puts her foot in it 

As Leanna’s funeral kicks off, Meena fiddles with the teenager’s ring which she’s attached to her necklace.

However, disaster strikes as the rings falls from the necklace and rolls near Liam’s shoe.

Meena watches in horror and fears discovery, but will Liam spot the ring?

3. Cathy intimidates April 

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see April receive a cruel meme of her late mother Donna on her phone as her bullying storyline escalates.

Cathy joins her at Donna’s grave and assures her she’ll protect her, but tells the youngster to keep the bullying secret from Marlon.

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April agrees but is later horrified to discover a troll account called ‘Dead Donna’ has been created.

4. Marlon makes a horrible discovery 

Rhona eventually cottons onto April’s strange mood and tells Marlon she’s hiding something.

When Marlon overhears Cathy and Heath discussing April’s bullying ordeal, he demands full details.

Marlon sets out to find April and discovers her at Donna’s grave, where he tells her he knows about the bullying.

They’re tearful as he apologises for letting her down, before taking her phone and deleting her social media accounts. 

Will Marlon be able to stamp out the trolling?

5. Aaron lashes out at Liv

Aaron tries his best to support Ben, urging him to delete the cruel texts from his father. 

After another chat with Aaron, Ben agrees he needs to collect the rest of his belongings from his dad’s house.

However, he declines Aaron’s offer to move into Mill, explaining he can’t live with another alcoholic.

When Aaron arrives home to find Liv downing vodka, he rages at her and blames her for Ben’s refusal to move in.

Marlon discovers April is being bullied