Five huge Hollyoaks spoilers: horror crash, health bombshell and financial worries


NORMA Crow’s plan to kidnap her grandchildren is well underway but will it really go ahead without a hitch?

Things go from bad to worse this week in Hollyoaks as a young villager faces health turmoil. Get the lowdown.

Sienna Blake allows the twins to spend time with Warren and Norma

But she could come to regret it

Norma has been hiding her true intentions

But they will all be coming to light this week

1. Shock car crash

Chester villagers will be celebrating Mother’s Day in scenes airing this week on Channel 4.

But the celebration turns sour for many Hollyoaks residents – and it could even have a deadly end.

Coming up, Felix Westwood (portrayed by Richard Blackwood) helps his pal Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) write his Mother’s Day card.

He suggests they go to pick up the surprise he’s arranged for his mother Norma Crow aka the Undertaker (Glynis Barber) in the garage, but the latter finds enough excuses to dismiss it.

Norma is happy to realise her family will finally be able to come together after Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) agreed to let the twins spend time with her and Warren.

The criminal mastermind is planning to flee the village with the children, unbeknownst to Sienna.

However, it’s only a matter of time before she finds out.

Sienna prepares to set the twins off on their day out with Warren and Norma but she realises that her children’s passports have disappeared and quickly puts two and two together.

An oblivious Warren is forced to return to the village as Sophie’s favourite toy has been left behind.

Once Norma realises, they’re back in Hollyoaks, she grabs the wheel, driving the car straight into the Grand Bazaar.

The whole village observes the aftermath of the crash with Grace Black (Tamara Wall) helping Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring) up after pushing her out of the way, and Sienna saves her children.

The market continues to crumble on top of the car with Warren and Norma still inside.

Realising his mother had a devious plan all along, a betrayed Warren must decide to save Norma or leave her to die.

Will he decide in time to save her?

Can Mercedes fix her relationship with Bobby?

2. Mercedes struggles

Elsewhere, another mother is struggling with her own family drama as her son Bobby Costello (Jayden Fox) continues to pay for his crimes.

This week, the lad returns to the eponymous village with gifts and flowers for his mother Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe).

Mercedes is happy once again – but not everything is as it seems.

In later scenes, Felix tries to keep her mind occupied but she continues to push him away.

His problem-solving streak leads him to try and cheer up Pearl Anderson.

Honour Chen-Williams (Vera Chok) decides to reach out to try and comfort Mercedes, offering help by trying to arrange a video call with Bobby.

Mercedes is over the moon but will everything go according to plan?

Is her relationship with Bobby broken beyond repair?

Nancy and Darren are horrified when baby Morgan has health issues

3. Health horror

Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox) has been trying to handle her new position at Hollyoaks High and her family life, particularly less than a year after she gave birth to baby Morgan.

The Osbornes celebrate Mother’s Day despite Darren (Ashley Taylor Dawson) being unsuccessful at cake baking and while Brooke manages to bring Charlie home.

But the lad played by Charlie Behan becomes concerned upon his return home as he notices that baby Morgan’s foot has turned blue.

Nancy and Darren are beside themselves and head straight for the hospital with Morgan.

Could the baby’s life be in danger?

Imran butts heads with his mother Misbah

4. Imran gives an ultimatum

This week, Misbah Maalik (Harvey Virdi) goes to check on an exhausted looking Imran (Ijaz Rana).

She begins to pack up his belongings and insists he comes home and they continue to clash when he declares he is taking part in
Ramadan whether she likes it or not.

Later on, Imran tells his mother that he will return home if she respects his decision to take part in the religious practice.

What will Misbah decide?

Norma and Warren’s car crash could mean trouble for Cindy

5. Money woes for Cindy

Norma and Warren’s car crash is a financial burden for Cindy this week.

Tom and Cindy survey the damage to the Grand Bazaar after receiving an expensive quote from the builder.

However, Tom (Ellis Hollins) is hoping the insurance can cover it, unaware that Cindy is keeping something huge.

She receives a letter informing her that the insurance for the Grand Bazaar has expired.

Cindy lies to Tom, insisting he stays out of it, and keeps him at ease with excuses while coming up with a plan to raise money.

Will it succeed?

Hollyoaks airs on Channel 4 and E4.