Five massive Coronation Street spoilers as James Bailey leaves the cobbles

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JAMES Bailey’s career was left compromised after he suffered from a heart attack.

The footballer leaves Coronation Street this week. Here’s everything else you need to know.

James Bailey had to give up on his career after having a heart attack

But there’s a new opportunity ahead for him

Sadly, it involves him leaving Weatherfield behind

Could his exit be permanent?

1. James moves out of Weatherfield

Actor Nathan Graham is leaving the cobbles after spending three years in Weatherfield as James Bailey.

The Weatherfield County footballer found out that he was suffering from cardiomyopathy after having a heart attack on the field.

Since then, his career has had to be cut short and James is struggling to find his feet.

This week, his uncle Ronnie (portrayed by Vinta Morgan) tells him there’s a youth centre near Lewisham looking for a football coach and the position could be perfect for him.

James comes to the realisation that this is close to where his former flame, Danny Tomlinson, lives in London which prompts him to call them straight away.

An excited James later tells Ronnie that he got the job at the youth centre and starts the following day.

Later on in the Bistro, James breaks the news to his family that he’s landed a great new job – but it means he’ll need to move to London.

Ed and Aggie, along with their other two children Michael and Dee-Dee bid an emotional farewell to James as he leaves the street.

Is his exit permanent?

Will Stu Carpenter ever be able to clear his name?

2. Alya takes a risk for Stu

But while James is bailing out, another member of the Bailey family is ready to settle down in Weatherfield, leaving her life in Los Angeles behind as she takes on Stu Carpenter’s case.

Dee-Dee Bailey (played by Channique Sterling-Brown) will help Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) clear the former homeless man’s name after he was wrongfully accused of his ex-lover’s murder.

Coming up in the cobbles, Stu nervously prepares to meet his granddaughter Eliza at Speed Daal and is delighted when their meeting goes well.

The mood sadly changes when his former wife Lucy (portrayed by Lynda Rooke) arrives and insists that Bridget and Eliza leave the restaurant immediately and a devastated Stu watches them go.

Meanwhile, Dee-Dee tells Alya that there was no trace of Stu’s DNA on Charlie’s bag but it will be expensive to get the evidence tested again.

Alya then spots Eliza and Bridget leaving Speed Daal and runs after them – before she accuses a flustered Lucy of hiding vital information linked to Stu’s case.

With the firm belief that Lucy knows more than she lets on, Alya is determined to find the cash for the DNA test.

Later on, however, Stu tells Yasmeen and Alya that he no longer wants to pursue his case and wants to leave the past in the past.

The Speed Daal chef then explains he would rather focus on connecting with his daughter and granddaughter, believing that remaining focused on the case may prevent him from building a relationship with them.

This doesn’t stop Alya in the slightest and, when Dee-Dee tells her she has got the funding for the test, Alya keeps Stu’s wishes a secret and tells the solicitor that everything concerning his case has to go through her.

Alya goes even further to make sure she can prove Stu’s innocence as she speculates Lucy may be the true culprit.

When Eliza shows up at Speed Daal, Stu insists on calling Bridget but Alya spots an opportunity to invite both Lucy and Bridget for tea.

She then collars Dee-Dee and, producing a mug that Lucy drank from earlier, insists they have it tested for DNA.

Dee-Dee later lets Alya know she’s decided not to return to her job in Los Angeles but she hasn’t told her family yet and, when she calls with paperwork for Alya to sign, Zeedan Nazir realises she hasn’t dropped Stu’s case.

The solicitor realises what Alya has been up to and is fuming when she’s told the truth.

Is Alya one step closer to proving that Stu never murdered Charlie?

Aaron Sandford takes things a step too far

3. Aaron attacks Paul

Elsewhere, Aaron Sandford (portrayed by James Craven) is still relying on his girlfriend Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) for support as his father continues to terrorise him at home.

However, the lad’s behaviour is out of line this week and Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) will, unfortunately, be the one he targets.

It all begins when Aaron tells Summer that he confiscated his father’s wallet to stop him from buying booze and has discovered a bag of cannabis.

The pair are too curious to resist trying freshly baked weed brownies, leading to Billy Mayhew and Todd Grimshaw to find them giggly and off their faces in the flat.

With the bishop due to visit any minute, Billy is appalled and sends them off to hide in the bedroom.

Todd tries to make sure further disaster doesn’t occur when he catches the bishop about to try one of the brownies and yells at him to stop.

Later on, Billy lectures Aaron on the dangers of drugs and Summer naps, telling him she’s sick of being told what to do.

More and bigger trouble is looming on the horizon for Aaron when his father arrives at Kevin Webster’s garage, visibly drunk and volatile.

He threatens his son over the stolen cash and weed before he’s sent packing by Kevin.

Summer is soon shocked to learn that Aaron’s father waited for him and attacked him when he got home.

But Paul Foreman also has a word to say to Aaron after he hears from Fiz Stape that he stole weed from his father.

Paul calls at the flower shop flat and lays into Aaron for leading his teenage ward Summer astray.

He then grabs Aaron’s arm, unaware it’s bruised, and the youngster winces in pain.

Aaron can’t contain his anger and lashes out, punching Paul in the face while Summer watches in shock.

Paul then tells Billy he’ll be reporting him to the police, forcing Aaron to explain to Billy that he gets regular beatings from his father.

Billy is sympathetic, ready to stop Peter from reporting Aaron to the police for assault.

Will he get to him on time?

Will Paul show Aaron any kindness after their altercation?

Should Ken and Wendy give their romance another shot?

4. Wendy and Ken make a shock decision

Ken Barlow (William Roache) may be having a change of heart about his relationship with Wendy Crozier (Robert Kerr).

While they made the decision to remain friends, a decade after the soap stalwart told the social worker he wanted nothing to do with her, their bond appears to make way for stronger feelings.

The pair have recently been involved in a play but Ken is finding it hard to keep business separate from his personal matters.

Coming up, Ken beavers away on the Roxanna script and Brian Packham accuses him of bigging up Wendy’s part simply because he has feelings for her.

Ken vehemently denies that is the case – although it’s clear that Brian has hit a nerve.

Later on, Brian takes Ken aside and warns him that Mary Taylor is on the verge of quitting the play, leaving the latter keen to quash any claims of bias.

This prompts Ken to ask Nigel to work with Wendy on her monologue and she’s disappointed by his apparent snub.

The wedge between Ken and Wendy could grow in later scenes as Nigel tells the Corrie stalwart he would like to ask the social worker out himself.

Ken gives him his blessing but Wendy is confused when she realises the date was his idea.

She eventually gets tired of the games and confronts Ken to get some answers – which leads to him dropping a bombshell.

Wendy calls at No.1 and explains that she was shocked by his declaration and confesses her own feelings, adding she’d like to be his companion.

However, this also helps her make another decision as she claims she’s ready to relinquish her leading role in the play in favour of Mary.

Is there more going on between Tim Metcalfe and Aggie Bailey?

5. Aggie and Tim sneak around

Speaking of chemistry, Tim Metcalfe and Aggie Bailey are still spending time together but their secretive behaviour is becoming more suspicious.

Weatherfield cabbie Tim (portrayed by Joe Duttine) remembers his wedding anniversary next week.

Happy to help, Aggie (Lorna Laidlaw) offers to go shopping with him to make sure he doesn’t buy his wife Sally (Sally Dynevor) a gift she’d deem unimaginative.

While their bond is clearly strong, both residents end up lying about how they spent their time.

In later scenes, Ed enquires where Aggie was and she makes out she had lunch with a girlfriend instead of telling him about the shopping trip with Tim.

Tim later pretends to have forgotten his wedding anniversary in an attempt to wind up Sally.

Sadly, the plan backfires and Sally lashes out by tearing up his card, leaving No.4 in a huff.

This prompts him to track her down, apologising profusely for his prank.

He then presents her with a beautiful necklace for their anniversary.

Over the moon and as a reward for Tim’s thoughtful gift, Sally decks out No.4 as a romantic grotto and cooks him a special anniversary meal.

Once again, Tim later sneaks away to Aggie, giving her a necklace to thank her for helping him.

But when her daughter Dee-Dee admires the necklace, Aggie can’t help feeling guilty.

Is there something more to their friendship?

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