Five massive Hollyoaks spoilers for this week


AFTER being wrongly accused of killing PC Saul Reeves, DeMarcus Westwood is readapting to normal life in Chester.

But an anonymous texter has been lurking in the shadows of Hollyoaks, ready to make his life miserable. Get the lowdown.

DeMarcus Westwood has been the target of vile messages

Who could be trying to torment him?

The youngster gets the truth this week

1. DeMarcus unmasks his tormentor

Life in the eponymous village hasn’t been all rosy for DeMarcus.

The lad portrayed by Tomi Ade found himself in severe trouble when he was accused of killing police officer Saul Reeves.

To make matters worse, an incriminating video seemed to confirm he was guilty – until Joseph Holmes was exposed.

Since then, DeMarcus has tried to find his mark in Hollyoaks again but this hasn’t been easy.

Matters have only been made worse by an anonymous texter, adamant on making his life difficult.

This week on Channel 4 and E4, DeMarcus gets another harsh text, prompting Vicky Grant (played Anya Lawrence) to take action.

The teen vows to get to the bottom of the texts once and for all through a process of elimination.

Her hard work pays off in later scenes when she finds out who’s hiding behind the texts.

But who could it be?

In later scenes, Vicky and DeMarcus’ bond evolves when she comforts him… and it all leads to a kiss.

Will Imran get help for his eating disorder?

2. Imran raises concerns

Meanwhile at the Cunningham household, Imran Maalik (Ijaz Rana) offers to clean a red wine stain for Tom in an attempt to prove his positive mental state.

Many residents have been concerned for the youngster’s well-being as he secretly struggles with an eating disorder.

Tom isn’t fully convinced by Imran’s behaviour and spies his fitness watch recording a workout.

Imran’s family continue to fear for his health and Yazz takes it upon herself to rally the house and watch his every move.

Prince McQueen and his other half Olivia Bradshaw thus decide to follow him to the pub and they capture photographic evidence of Imran eating a burger.

However, Juliet Nightingale remains sceptic and when she finds out he actually threw the burger out, she confronts him at the gym.

She makes him agree to being her food buddy but things at home get awkward when Yazz has an insistent approach to his recovery.

Imran has had enough and later announces he’ll be moving out.

This prompts Juliet to promise that everyone will get off his case if he succeeds in proving them all wrong and he agrees to see Dr Lewis.

All goes well during the appointment but when he’s told to get on the scales for a weigh in, he panics.

Will Imran get the help he needs for his eating disorder?

Warren Fox saves Norma from trouble

3. Warren puts his health on the line

Elsewhere, Grace Black tries to prove her worth by successfully finding a contact after being embroiled in their latest scheme.

Unbeknownst to her, Warren Fix (Jamie Lomas) is keeping his liver disease a secret and lies to her about his deteriorating health.

A shocking betrayal then leaves Norma Crow (Glynis Barber) in trouble and it’s to both Warren and Grace to save her.

However, another unexpected twist leaves someone’s life hanging in the balance.

Norma Crow has a shock plan

4. Norma moves in

As Warren’s long-lost mother, Norma tries her hardest to save him from the worst and lets Grace in on her plan to get Warren a liver – just not her own.

The criminal mastermind introduces herself to her estranged grandson Joel Dexter… before kidnapping him and tying him to a makeshift hospital bed.

Norma fills him on Warren’s medical state but Joel refuses to offer his liver up.

Known for her cold-hearted nature, Norma doesn’t budge – they’ll have to get the liver the hard way.

Will Joel make it?

Warren tells Norma that he wants her liver or they’re done for good.

She then breaks some shocking news to Warren.

Norma decides to move in with him.

Cindy could launch a new business venture

5. Cindy gets an idea

Months after losing her other half to dementia, Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring) is ready for a new business venture.

It all begins when Darren and Brooke enlist her help to plan Jack a surprise party.

But when she tries to sell an exclusive package, she only ends up overselling herself by agreeing to bake a cake… which she has never done before.

Luckily for her, everything works out as Jack admits the cake pops she made with Zara Morgan’s (Kelly Condron) herbal mix gave him an energy boost, albeit after a horrible stomach ache.

This gives Cindy a business idea and she hopes to be able to adjust the ingredients to start selling her cake pops.

She takes things to the next level by wanting Zara to be her business partner.

But will she accept?

Hollyoaks airs from Monday to Friday on Channel 4 and E4.