Five massive Hollyoaks spoilers for this week


THERE’s drama all over the place in Chester this week, starting with DeMarcus Westwood’s hectic run from justice.

Meanwhile, Grace Black sees red and Cindy Cunningham will try to help. Get the lowdown on all the upcoming turmoil in Hollyoaks.

Cindy Cunningham is still grieving

Luke Morgan’s death still weighs heavy on her mind

Meanwhile DeMarcus is nowhere to be seen

And his father Felix Westwood is in a tricky spot

1. Felix is keeping a secret

Saul Reeves’ death is a source of great pain for Hollyoaks residents and everyone believes DeMarcus Westwood is responsible.

Terrified of the consequences of such an accusation, the lad portrayed by Tomi Ade fled Chester, hiding away from legal trouble.

But while he’s nowhere to be found, DS Zoe Anderson (played by Garcia Brown) notices DeMarcus’ father Felix (Richard Blackwood) has been acting strange.

She soon becomes suspicious and believes he may know where his son is hiding.

As she tries to give her romance with Sam Chen-Williams a shot, Felix ruins the mood by walking in on them.

In later scenes, Felix opens up to her and Zoe finds out where DeMarcus has run off to.

Grace Black is blinded by rage as she seeks revenge for Saul

2. Grace is ready for revenge

Meanwhile, DeMarcus’ hiding has only added fuel to the fire over on Grace Black’s side.

The character played by Tamara Wall is hellbent on revenge following Saul’s death and desperately looks for the youngster to make him pay – unaware he may not be the one to blame.

She first stops at Price Slice where Pearl professes DeMarcus’ innocence but Grace is still adamant on bringing him justice all on her own.

In a shocking move, Grace buys a gun, ready to attack.

This triggers a debate between Felix and Zoe.

While the detective sergeant reminds Felix that Grace is out for blood and that DeMarcus’ safest option would be to hand himself in, he believes his son is safer on the run.

In later scenes, Zoe and Felix make a shocking discovery about DeMarcus’ whereabouts – but a vengeful Grace overhears.

Who will get to DeMarcus first as his run from the authorities draws to a close?

The Undertaker strikes again

3. Norma wreaks havoc

Known to be a ruthless criminal in the Chester village, also known as the Undertaker, Norma Crow (Glynis Barber) strikes against another villager this week.

However, she most recently saved Warren Fox from death and conspired with him to take Sienna Blake down.

Coming up, she meets with one of her previous acquaintances.

But when he offers her his unconditional support, Norma asks him to prove it with a task.

Has she secretly double crossed him?

Later on, Norma leaves death threats for one villager and his family – could he get on step ahead of her?

Darren takes his dad role really seriously

4. Darren gets into day-care

Elsewhere in Hollyoaks, Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson) takes his role as a father seriously this week as his wife Nancy admits she misses work.

Darren first offers to look after their new-born Morgan and everything appears to go down well for the pair.

With his confidence through the rook, he prepares to look after Morgan and even offers Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) to look after his daughter Eva.

Nancy eventually heads back to work but will Darren be able to cope without her help and his own daddy day-care?

Cindy Cunningham is haunted by someone

5. Cindy gets a terrifying visitor

As she tries to mourn the loss of Luke Morgan, Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring) is ready to make some new memories elsewhere and decides to move in with Grace.

But the latter is already in enough pain due to Saul’s death and Cindy is feeling lonely.

Thankfully for her, two fellow residents decide to surprise her.

Verity Hutchinson later overhears Cindy getting flirty with someone but an attempt to investigate turns into a heart-breaking spillage.

Matters go from bad to worse when she almost loses Luke’s ashes, which prompts her to consider spreading them in a memorable location – but is she ready?

Cindy keeps it together and when Grace’s grief manifests in anger on the day of Saul’s funeral, she organises a fundraiser in his honour.

Sadly, Cindy is seemingly unable to escape the reality of her fragile mental health and when a chilling phone call leaves her unsettled, Tony suggests her grief may be triggering her bipolar disorder.

Whether he is right or not remains to be seen but a terrifying visitor drops a hint that there may be more to it as Cindy sleeps without a care.

What’s next in store for her?

Hollyoaks airs on Channel 4.