Five spoilers the Emmerdale Christmas trailer gives away including Grahams murder mystery and Jacobs baby drama


EMMERDALE has released an explosive trailer ahead of its Christmas episodes that sees Graham Foster and his murder suspects take centre stage.

Graham is set to be killed in a dramatic whodunnit early next year and the Christmas trailer gives fans a first glimpse at who the murderer could be.

Jacob and David are horrified to see Maya’s baby on their doorstep on Christmas Day in Emmerdale

1. Graham watches his back

Emmerdale fans know that Graham is set to leave the village in dramatic scenes set to air in the new year.

Graham is set to seal his tragic fate when he refuses to leave the Tate family alone after sleeping with Andrea Tate.

The dark businessman is convinced hes the father of Andrea and Jamies daughter Millie after his one-off one-night stand with Andrea.

Official spoilers have revealed that Graham bursts into Home Farm on Christmas Day and makes a revelation, which presumably is the results of the DNA test.

And the Christmas trailer has teased his downfall as Graham is seen shakily looking over his shoulder and a voice says: You better watch your back.

Graham rightly feels the need to watch over his shoulder in Emmerdale

2. Jacob meets Mayas baby

Jacob is perplexed as he looks down to see a crying baby on his doorstep on Christmas day.

The trailer then sees David announce theyll keep the baby a secret until then know who the father is – considering it could be Jacobs, dad Davids or even Mayas ex Liam Cavanagh.

Emmerdale fans know that Maya groomed and abused Jacob for months while dating his dad David.

She then appeared at the prison gates PREGNANT after an early release, and according to the trailer has another twisted surprise up her sleeve as she dumps the baby on Jacobs doorstep with a note.

Jacob opens the door to see a baby on the step in Emmerdale

3. Charity blames Graham

A furious Charity seethes at Graham: You destroy everything you touch.

Fans will know that Charitys son Noah is set to suffer a drug overdose in Christmas episodes which leaves the devastated mother pointing the finger at Graham for the incident.

Viewers are convinced it could be the pub landlady whos behind Grahams grisly murder.

Noah is rushed into hospital after a drug overdose

4. Andrea warns Graham

Andrea would love Graham to take the secret of their one-night stand to his grave.

In the trailer, shes tearful as she says: This is unforgivable. Why are you wrecking everything.

Andrea warns Graham not to destroy her family in Emmerdale

Marlon squares up to Graham and threatens him in Emmerdale

5. Marlon threatens Graham

In the Christmas trailer, Marlon is seen squaring up to Graham.

He spits at the former butler: The only place youll be is in the ground.

Marlon has been Grahams number one enemy ever since Rhona was revealed as his mystery woman.

Protective Marlon lashed out at Graham recently after worrying about his involvement with his son Leo.

Hell be furious if he learns of Rhona and Grahams plan to take his son Leo abroad without his consent.