Four huge EastEnders spoilers as Janine Butcher discovers she’s pregnant


EASTENDERS is dropping a baby bombshell, a shock exit and a huge secret reveal this week.

The BBC soap is packed to the brim with drama for the week ahead.

Here’s what you can expect…

EastEnders will see Janine discover she is pregnant with Mick Carter’s baby

Janine Butcher is pregnant 

Janine surprises Mick with a day trip, but it clashes with the day of Linda’s meeting with her brief. 

Realising she would benefit from Linda doing well in court, Janine suggests Mick goes, appearing slightly unwell. 

Later, Linda’s hopes are dashed. When Sonia brings in a sick Scarlett, Janine is convinced that they have the same bug. 

However while tending to Scarlett Janine faints. In the hospital, Sonia and Janine are left shellshocked when the doctor reveals that Janine is pregnant. 

Reeling from her news, Sonia encourages Janine to tell Mick. At Sharon’s, Mick assures Linda that he still cares about her and will help her fight to get Annie back.

But what will he say about Janine’s bombshell? 

Alfie decides to stay

Having only just returned to Walford, Alfie Moon decides he wants his ex Kat back – and he’ll do anything to get what he wants.

Alfie’s business in Walford is unfinished, and he sets up a stall next to Billy’s as he tries to raffle off his boat much to Kat’s fury.

He reveals it’s all part of his plan to win her back – but she shoots him down.

However she can’t help but smile as she watches Alfie’s patter on the market. Is Kat falling for her ex again?

Later in the week Jean invites Alfie to move in with her – and Phil is left feeling uneasy.

Rocky rocked by bombshell

After cheating on Vinny, Dotty’s living situation remains uncertain – and she’s still staying on Kathy’s sofa.

Unaware Bobby has made a mess, Kathy blames Dotty which leads her to want to leave. Bernie reminds Dotty that her grandma owns Sonia’s house but after finding the courage to ask Sonia about living there, Sonia declines. 

Sonia pushes Rocky to fight for Dotty, and with Kathy’s blessing, Rocky persuades Dotty to stay. 

Things get worse Dotty implies in front of Kathy that Rocky is hiding something. Dotty then overhears Rocky telling Kathy about a lady he was engaged to and walked out on and considers telling him the truth  but loses her nerve. 

Later, things get heated when Ash confronts Dotty about what she’s done to Vinny. Rocky and Vinny break things up, but a riled-up Vinny loses his temper and tells Rocky that he is Dotty’s real father, leaving him stunned. 

Rocky tries to contact Dotty. It’s awkward at the Taylor’s as Felix and Finlay see Dotty has stayed the night, as Bernie encourages her to face Rocky. 

Frankie Lewis’ exit

Actress Rose Ayling-Ellis has quit the soap and now viewers will finally see her exit storyline.

With Frankie having a tough time of late what with the sexual harassment ordeal, she is struggling to be in Walford.

In The Vic, Frankie tells Shirley that the girl she is helping at school will be moving to Scotland, and that she has been invited to join the family there.

She later opens up to Callum about leaving. But will she go?