From sofa romps to the Mile High Club, can you match stars like Amanda Holden & Khloe Kardashian to their fave sex acts?


FORMER EastEnders star Nina Wadia, 52, raised eyebrows as she revealed bedroom role play keeps her marriage spicy after 23 years.

The mum says it’s a turn-on when her composer husband Raiomond Mirza speaks to her in different accents.

EastEnders’ Nina Wadia revealed bedroom role play keeps her marriage spicy after 23 years

Nina, taking part in Strictly this year, says: “I can’t imagine still being with my husband if we’d run out of steam. Role play has come in very handy.”

Everyone knows it is different strokes for different folks . . . so can you match the celebs shown below with their fantasies?

Can you match the celebs shown below with their fantasies?


LIKE Nina, this star enjoys roleplaying in the bedroom and is keen to stress the responsibilities you have to your sex partner.

She does own a whip. She said: “I like unexpected stuff. A tiny bit of pain, not too much. When you have got a partner, you have got to do what they want. So satisfy that partner and they should do the same to you. Everybody has got an imagination and can be a bit creative.”


TALK about cloud nine. This celeb enjoys the thrill of being caught while getting freaky on a private jet.

She said: “Doing it on a private plane is great, especially when there are other passengers on board. It’s part of the thrill. I walked into the bathroom first and then he followed, so it wasn’t exactly stealth. Everyone obviously knew what was going on and when I walked out, they asked if we had fun.”


THIS cheeky star is no stranger to being on the television but she also likes to get down and dirty with her hubby on the sofa when they turn on the telly . . . and each other.

She said: “Our thing is that we watch a lot of box sets together, so that can kill the passion. But during the introduction you can get a few things done in that time. We often get intimate on the sofa while we watch our favourite shows.”


TAKING charge in the bedroom is no problem for this famous face — and she will tell her husband to button it.

She said: “I hate it when guys moan or talk when having sex. I really hate that. Do not do that. Quiet sex is good sex. Don’t talk while you have sex. It just is never going to work.”


GETTING her partner to watch an X-rated movie and swapping fantasies is the key to great sex, according to this star.

Talking about sharing porn she has enjoyed, she said: “I’ll send a link and be like, ‘I really like this — what do you think?’ and we dissect the video together. I love it.”


ALWAYS the life and soul, this celebrity knows how to keep things spicy between the sheets too, either alone or when coupled up.

She said: “My advice to women who are unfulfilled in the bedroom is to invest in a sex toy. I use a little vibrator called a Pocket Rocket and it does the trick every time. The good thing about sex toys is you can use them by yourself or with your partner.”


IT is all about the preparation for this star, who believes heading to the beauty salon first can make all the difference.

She said: “Get a Brazilian wax. It makes sex better, orgasm-wise. I swear by it. Every woman should try a Brazilian wax once. The sex they have afterwards will keep them coming back.”


DESPITE all the PDAs she packs on with her boyfriend, keeping things hot when they are apart is just as important for this person.

Speaking about FaceTime sex, she said: “Let your body and voice go with the flow. It can be awkward at first but once you get in the groove, you’ll be on your way to the Big O. Put your vibrator to good use and let your partner watch you.”


X-RATED flicks do it for this celebrity, but only if the performers are paid a fair wage and their boundaries are respected.

She said: “I could enjoy porn if it is shown through the female gaze, made by women, ethically produced and hot.”


THIS famous face doesn’t mind getting physical between the sheets and can’t keep her hands off her partner.

She said: “I’m primal on an animalistic level — kind of like, ‘Bonk me over the head and throw me over your shoulder. You man, me woman’. I love physical contact. I have to be touching my lover always. It’s not optional.”

Ethical Stimulation: Gwyneth Paltrow

Cyber Sex: Kourtney Kardashian

Silent Sex: Cardi B

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Contact Sport: Cameron Diaz

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Pocket Rocket: Mel B

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