Hollyoaks actress ‘genuinely sad’ after character’s shock death leaves viewers stunned


HOLLYOAKS fans were left gobsmacked after character Verity Hutchinson’s shock death.

The TV favourite was attacked by Bobby Costello, as the teen hit her over the head with a book.

Verity suffered from cardiac arrest

Bobby Costello killed the character

Verity’s shocking fate was revealed during the Tuesday (December 6) first-look episode on E4.

Despite managing to find the strength to get up into the village to try and find help, Verity later collapsed in her brother Tony’s arms.

Viewers then found out that Verity had suffered from cardiac arrest whilst in the ambulance, and had passed away.

Actress Eve O’Hara, 26, who plays solicitor Verity in the soap has opened up about the storyline, saying she was “genuinely sad”.

Her death came as a total shock to loyal fans of the show, as Eve explained to the Daily Star: “We made this decision to try and keep it a secret.”

There hadn’t been any hint that she would be leaving the show, and the show had planned to make it a complete surprise to give some “shock factor.

“Often you kind of know if someone’s leaving beforehand but it was like ‘let’s get that shock factor for when Verity leaves’,” she explained.

Speaking about her final scenes, Eve said: “The scenes were emotionally tough and her final few hours are quite lonely.

“It really was genuinely sad.”

She continued: “I wanted something meaty and emotional if Verity was to leave.

“It was quite a while ago I sort of let on that I might be leaving so production could really have a think about a justified ending or a death, which is think is important for the storyline.”

She suffered a blow to the head