Hollyoaks Actress Lucy Jo Hudson Reveals Son’s Emergency Hospital Visit


"Crazy" Medical Moment

HOLLYOAKS actress Lucy Jo Hudson has revealed her son was rushed to hospital in a "crazy" medical moment. The soap star parent-of-two, 40, shared a selection of snaps showing her with three-year-old son Carter on her Instagram page.

A Frightening Turn of Events

Lucy Jo documented the "crazy" moment on Instagram, capturing her youngster, aged three, lying on a hospital bed. In a lengthy caption, she shared her experience and asked her followers to share theirs as well.

From Normal to Emergency

Lucy Jo expressed her shock at how quickly her son's condition changed, going from being "absolutely normal" to ending up in the emergency room. She revealed that he was back to his normal self after receiving treatment.

A Supportive Community

The actress wrapped up her post by asking for support from other parents who have gone through similar experiences. She used hashtags such as "kids," "poorly," "mumlife," and "help" to connect with her followers.

Past Health Struggles

This isn't the first time Lucy Jo Hudson has dealt with health issues. In July, her son "stopped breathing," leading to a terrifying hospital visit. And just last month, she revealed that she had been diagnosed with chronic anaemia.

The NHS states that anaemia is a low red blood cell count or haemoglobin and can be caused by various factors, including a lack of iron in the diet, iron depletion through exercise, and chronic disease or blood loss.

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