Hollyoaks cast: New, leaving and returning characters

Hollyoaks Wendy Blissett

WITH drama unfolding in every corner this summer, Hollyoaks has seen many of its residents up and leave and welcomed new faces.

And with plenty of drama in store for the rest of 2022, here’s the lowdown on the Channel 4 soap’s latest comings and goings…

Many Hollyoaks residents have come and gone and drama continues to unfold

Vicky Grant is Scott Drinwell’s foster daughter

Vicky Grant (Anya Lawrence) – joined

Scott Drinkwell was eager to become a foster father but received quite a challenge when Vicky Grant was sent to him on an emergency placement.

Actress Anya Lawrence made her Hollyoaks debut in May, 2022.

As soon as she arrived, Scott enrolled her at Hollyoaks High School, determined to give the young teen a life she deserved.

But Vicky had a rough time at school, more particularly due to Charlie Dean including her in his “fit list.”

To make matters worse, one month later, Vicky’s manipulative boyfriend Joseph rocked up Hollyoaks, demanding to spend time with her.

Joseph could be exposed as a killer in upcoming scenes

Joseph Holmes (Olly Rhodes) – joined

The boyfriend of Vicky Grant, Joseph Holmes made his first appearance in the village on June 2, 2022.

He has since wreaked havoc in Hollyoaks, from fatally stabbing Saul Reeves to cheating on Vicky with Serena Chen-Williams.

But as fans may know, Joseph hasn’t had comeuppance for either of his deeds as he managed to pin his crime on to DeMarcus Westwood by planting some evidence in his belongings and manipulate Vicky Grant.

Although this is his first stint in a soap, Olly Rhodes has appeared in the historical drama The Last Kingdom.

What will his character be up to next?

Ripley left in August, 2022

Ripley Lennox (Ki Griffin) – left

Stallholder Ripley Lennox left Hollyoaks after two years of dramatic storylines.

The market trader began working with homeless transgender teens and turned away from the village amid their breakup with Brooke Hathaway.

They broke the news to Grace Black in July, 2022, but only left Hollyoaks in August, 2022.

Ripley Lennox was actor Ki Griffin’s first and only acting role.

Prior to their stint in the program, they had appeared in Bebe Rexha’s 2019 music video for the song “Not 20 Anymore” as themselves

Could more doors to the acting world be open for them?

Saul was stabbed to death

Saul Reeves (Chris Charles) – left

PC Saul Reeves was first introduced to Hollyoaks fans in September, 2021, as part of an operation to uncover “Operation Bluebird.”

Less than a year later, however, the police officer played by Chris Charles met a horrific demise.

On July 22, 2022, news of his death sent shockwaves throughout Hollyoaks after the on-screen copper was stabbed to death by Joseph Holmes.

While the truth could soon come to light, due to Joseph’s manipulative antics being closely watched by some residents, DeMarcus Westwood has been blamed for Saul’s death.

This is due to an incriminating video which circulated online, where he can be seen holding a knife in front of Saul.

Chris Charles is accustomed to life in soapland as he has also been seen in rival dramas Doctors and EastEnders.

Could he soon reappear on the box?

Luke died of his dementia

Luke Morgan (Gary Lucy) – left

Luke’s death had been announced by soap bosses with months in advance, forcing fans to make peace with his demise.

Actor Gary Lucy had been a part of the Hollyoaks line-up for more than two decades.

In 2019, two years after one last return to the village, Luke was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia.

At this point, he had found love in the arms of Cindy Cunningham who continued to stand by him after his diagnosis.

Luke and Cindy became engaged as a result, with the former convinced he had found the love a lifetime.

But amid a heart-breaking storyline – which also involved former EastEnders actor Matt Lapinskas for a brief stint as a villain – Luke was killed off during his stag do on June 9, 2022.

Luke was enjoying a trip to Mallorca with his loved ones when his dementia took hold of him and he fell from a cliff.

He passed away from his injuries in hospital, surrounded by friends and family and while teary-eyed fans waved him goodbye.

Luke made a brief appearance following his death in a video shown in July, 2022, but Cindy remains inconsolable.

Luke’s ex-wife made a return for his funeral

Scarlett Morgan (Susie Amy) – returned

Many villagers were impacted by Luke’s tragic passing and attended his funeral for one last goodbye.

But to their shock and Cindy’s horror, his ex-wife Scarlett made an appearance, dressed to the nines and despite not having been invited.

Actress Susie Amy returned to Hollyoaks for the first time in two years in July, 2022, as her character fought with Cindy who kicked her out of the church.

But Scarlett didn’t stay long in the village.

When her son Ollie revealed he’d be moving to Canada by the end of the week, Scarlett offered to move with him but he turned her down.

Scarlett left Chester behind once more – never to be seen again?

Norma Crow is also known as The Undertaker

Norma Crow (Glynis Barber) – joined

While viewers may know her as Norma Crow, many Hollyoaks residents will forever remember her as The Undertaker.

Former EastEnders star Glynis Barber took on the role of the gangland boss whose organisation has been active in Chester since 2020.

However, she made her Hollyoaks debut in April, 2022, revealing how cold-blooded she could become right from the get-go.

Norma shares a link with the late Maya Harkwell as she was her employer.

Other characters in the likes of Ethan Williams, Sienna Blake, Warren Fox and James Nightingale have also become some of her employees, despite it potentially costing them their entire lives.

But Norma has had plans to make former lovers Sienna and Warren work together to take over her criminal empire.

Speaking of ruthless villains…

Wendy was SIlas’ daughter – but is she really dead?

Wendy Blissett (Jennifer Armour) – left

Silas Blissett‘s daughter Wendy made her debut in Hollyoaks in March, 2022, and was swiftly killed off three months later.

After trying to tear Mercedes McQueen and her son Bobby Costello apart, the villainous character was caught up by the truth when Sally St Claire overheard her talking to Silas.

The serial killer was happy to have Wendy kidnap Bobby and take him to the United States.

But with Sally knowing all about Wendy’s plan, she soon became a bothersome witness.

Unfortunately, Sally managed to escape death and tell Mercedes everything.

This prompted Mercedes to come up with her own plan and, eventually outsmart Wendy.

Wendy was last seen being taken away by a mysterious driver in a Range Rover.

Later on, the authorities revealed that she suffered a pulmonary embolism and fatally crashed her car.

However, with life in Hollyoaks being full of twists and turns, the McQueen family could expect the Blissetts to resurface at any time.

Nadine Mulkerrin left the program after eight years

Cleo McQueen (Nadine Mulkerrin) – left

Cleo’s time in the village came to an end in May, 2022, after eight years and amid severe heartbreak.

When she fell for Toby Faroe, she believed she had finally found her soulmate despite his upbringing and obvious anger issues.

But her world came crashing down when he admitted he had killed Lisa Loveday, before Marnie Nightingale’s Salon de Thé exploded with him, his family and Cleo inside.

This led to a lot of turmoil in the village – including the end of Toby’s relationship with Cleo.

Toby was arrested and imprisoned, leaving her to pick up the pieces of her broken heart… and a potential baby.

As Channel 4 viewers may remember, Cleo believed she could be expecting a child after romping with the murderer.

Thankfully for her, all doubt was cleared up and, after a failed attempt at reconciling her relationship with Joel, she decided she’d seen enough.

Cleo received a job offer as a medical researcher in India and accepted, packing up once and for all in May, 2022.

Meanwhile, although her on-screen alter ego wasn’t pregnant, actress Nadine Mulkerrin gave birth to her second child after her final scenes aired.

Ironically, she welcomed the child alongside her fiancé and co-star Rory Douglas-Speed aka Joel Dexter.

But is it really the end for her?

Lisa Hunter came back to Chester in 2022 after years of absence

Lisa Hunter (Gemma Atkinson) – returning

More than a decade had passed since her last appearance in Hollyoaks.

However, Gemma Atkinson returned during the Spring of 2022 and reprised her iconic role of Lisa Hunter for a brief stint in Chester.

Hollyoaks bosses had always left room for her potential return following her departure in 2006.

Lisa came back amid a storyline revolving around her best friend Zara but also struggled to get away from her past.

Viewers were impressed by the blast from the past – until Lisa revealed she could sabotage Zara’s political career.

Ethan Williams has been a familiar face in Hollyoaks for several months

Ethan Williams (Matthew-James Bailey) – joined

Ethan is Dave Chen-Williams’ half-brother, partner to a dangerous criminal named Maya.

He was first introduced to Hollyoaks viewers in November, 2021, ahead of the rest of his family.

Celebrating Christmas with his brother, much to the delight of his nieces and nephews, the celebration turned deadly when Maya found out he was conspiring against her.

Ky Discala as ruthless criminal Maya

Maya (Ky Discala) – joined and left

Ky’s stint on the programme as ruthless criminal Maya was as thunderous as it was short-lived.

Alongisde Ethan, Maya was in the process of performing a robbery at Marringcroft Jewellers in November, 2021.

The couple took Darren Osborne as a hostage when they realised he had been an unwanted witness.

While Maya wanted him dead, she eventually spared him.

Maya wasn’t well-liked by Ethan’s family.

Maya met her demise at Christmas when she plans to kill Ethan’s step-niece Serena upon finding out he was conspiring against her.

The pair scuffled over a gun, which led Maya to accidentally shoot herself.

Chen-Williams family – joined

The Chen-Williams clan are already causing quite a stir in Hollyoaks

The new clan will made their first appearance in December, 2021.

The tight-knit clan were first introduced to Channel 4 viewers as they spend the festive season together.

The family is made up of Psychiatrist Honour, played by Vera Chok and delivery driver Dave, portrayed by Dominic Power, along with their kids and stepkids.

Viewers have already met the couple in separate storylines.

Dave has already crossed Theresa McQueen and met his biological daughter Maxine for the first time in decades.

Honour, discovered a huge secret about Warren Fox while working at the prison.

Meanwhile, charming police officer Sam (Matthew McGivern) has crossed paths with Celeste Faroe (Andrea Ali) following Lisa Loveday’s murder and Sid Sumner’s new love interests Serena and Lizzie are members of the family.

The youngest son Mason (Frank Kauer) is still trying to find himself and makes attempts to be cool which can often backfire.

The new family are already stirring things up in Hollyoaks, with daughter Lizzie catching Sid Sumner’s attention.

This shocked her sister Serena aka Galaxy who already went on one date with Sid in September, 2021.

Trish Minniver had a one-year stint in Hollyoaks

Trish Minniver (Denise Welch) – left

Following her one-year stint on the show, Trish made her last appearance in the village on January 3, 2022.

Trish made plans to leave for Los Angeles, to be with her daughter Mitzeee.

The feisty resident couldn’t shake the feeling she had to leave when Dave moved in to the village with his own family over Christmas.

Trish was at odds with her other daughter Maxine when the latter found out about her true parentage, understanding that Dave is her biological father.

Angry that her mother Trish kept this a secret, Maxine wanted nothing to do with her.

Both women made amends before Trish departed.

Sylver died in January, 2022

Sylver McQueen (David Tag) – left

Slyver departed Hollyoaks earlier in 2021 alongside Mercedes and their son Bobby.

The trio left for Alicante after discovering that Bobby was posing as Cher’s mysterious friend Jade. 

But the family returned to Hollyoaks, with Sylver getting ready to leave Mercedes behind, fearing she may cheat on him again.

Unfortunately, David Tag’s character met a tragic death in January, 2022, when he died during the explosion that occurred at Marnie Nightingale’s Salon de Thé. $

He succumbed to his injuries after being left for dead in the rubble by his stepson Bobby.

Marnie died after her Salon de Thé went up in flames

Marnie Nightingale (Lysette Anthony) – left

Much like Sylver, it’s safe to say Marnie won’t be seen in Hollyoaks again.

After opening her beloved patisserie, Marnie hosted the fundraising event for the hospital adjacent to her Salon before it went up in flames.

One of the many residents trapped inside following the explosion, she sustained heavy injuries to the head.

She continually refused to be checked by a doctor, relieved that her grandchildren – Juliet and Romeo – had been saved.

Thanking Donna-Marie for letting her be a part of their lives, Marnie fell asleep on her shoulder and peacefully passed away, despite MIsbah’s effots to revive her.

Celeste Faroe won’t be seen in Chester again

Celeste Faroe (Andrea Ali) – left

Celeste is the third explosion victim to have perished in January, 2022.

While confessing his crimes to Martine and Cleo, Toby was convinced by his sister Celeste to leave the collapsing Salon, following the explosion.

However, Celeste could not make it out in time as the ceiling caved in and she died of her injuries moments later.

Hollyoaks airs daily on Channel 4.