Hollyoaks fans break down in tears as Martine refuses to have cancer treatment


HOLLYOAKS fans sob as Martine Devereux has refused to have treatment for cancer.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, the shop owner told her family in last night’s episode that she did not want to undergo the gruelling chemo and radiotherapy.

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Hollyoaks’ Martine has refused to have cancer treatment

After returning from her oncology consultation, a distraught Martine (Kéllé Bryan) delivered the sad news to her family, before dropping another bombshell that none of them saw coming.

She said: “I am not putting you through that gruelling ordeal. I’m not having that for you, and I’m not having that for myself! I have made up my mind. It’s the best decision for all of us.”

Viewers were left devastated with Martine’s decision and flooded Twitter with comments.

One fan penned: “No way Martine said she don’t want treatment. Heartbroken. #Hollyoaks.”

Fans were left very emotional after Martine’s decision

Fans were sobbing after Martine refused cancer treatment

Viewers couldn’t contain their emotions after hearing Martine’s choice

Martine has decided not to have cancer treatment which which upset fans

Toby and the rest of the family were left shocked after hearing Martine’s news

Another viewer sobbed: “Not having treatment?! Martine, no!! #Hollyoaks.”

This teary user wrote: “I’m literally sobbing for Martine right now. She does NOT deserve this #Hollyoaks.”

“Oh no Martine is declining treatment, how heartbreaking”, posted another follower.

Martine’s son Toby could not fathom why his mum would not want treatment.

Will Martine change her mind in the future?

When he suggested the news was encouraging, Martine fired back: “I said that’s what they want.

“It’s not what I want! I could go through all of those options and the cancer could still come back… That’s why I have decided I am not having treatment.”

How will the Devereux family respond moving forward?

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