Hollyoaks fans break down in tears over Juliet Nightingale’s heartbreaking exit as she loses cancer battle


HOLLYOAKS fans were left sobbing tonight as Juliet Nightingale passed away following her heroic cancer battle.

Viewers found themselves in tears at the heartbreaking scenes, which saw Juliet get her wish and die at home.

Hollyoaks’ Juliet has died following a eight-month cancer fight

Fans were left sobbing at the heartbreaking scenes

The emotional episode saw troubled teen Juliet – played by Niamh Blackshaw – being taken on a trip down memory lane by girlfriend Peri Lomax with the help of her heartbroken family.

Peri, played by Ruby O’Donnell, organised for photographs of her life to be beautifully hung up outside among dozens of pretty flowers.

She then read out what she hoped would have one day been their vows.

Peri told Juliet: “You were my friend first, my beautiful amazing friend, and then suddenly you were so much more.

“You are and always will be the love of my life. I want to have it all with you.

“I want to laugh with you cry with you and dance under the stars with you for the rest of our lives.”

Struggling to hold back her tears, Juliet told her: “Pez, that’s beautiful. Thank you.”

John Legend’s romantic ballad You & I (Nobody In The World) began playing and Peri gently lifted Juliet out of her wheelchair for their ‘first dance’.

But seconds later, she suddenly collapsed on the floor.

Juliet had previously requested to die at home, so Peri rushed her back there.

James was persistent that she was taken to the hospice but, with time running out, Peri told him they had to honour her wishes.

Juliet’s devastated mum Donna-Marie reassured her daughter that everything was going to be alright, while heartbroken brother Romeo began penning the poem he promised he would.

Initially, Peri feared she wouldn’t be strong enough to be there in Juliet’s last moments.

But after being warned by her mum Leena that she could regret it, Peri laid on her bed with Juliet – who has been fighting Hodgkin lymphoma for eight months – and comforted her.

Moments before taking her final breath, Juliet told Peri: “I’m not scared anymore.” She then peacefully passed away in Peri’s arms.

Hollyoaks fans were left in tears over the upsetting scenes, with many sharing their feelings online.

One viewer tweeted: “Holy Moly….did not expect to cry that much!! @Hollyoaks you really can evoke my emotions.”

Another added: “Literally sobbing. Like, can’t breathe. RIP Juliet.”

And a third wrote: “My heart just broke omg goodbye Juliet we love you forever.”

Niamh Blackshaw has played Juliet in Hollyoaks since 2018.

To coincide with the storyline, Hollyoaks embarked on a campaign, titled #OdeToMyJuliet.

It saw Niamh, Owen Warner (Romeo), Lucy-Jo Hudson (Donna-Marie) and Gregory Finnegan (James) take to the stage at Shakespeare North Playhouse to recite personal stories relating to cancer written by creative participants about their own experiences.

The first video can be found on Hollyoaks’ Official social media channels.

Peri recited what she’d hoped to be her vows earlier in the episode

But Juliet suddenly collapsed in her arms

Juliet admitted she ‘wasn’t scared anymore’ as she later died in her bed at home
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