Hollyoaks fans fear for Tony as evil dad Edward ‘operates’ on him after tricking him into thinking he has a brain tumour


HOLLYOAKS fans tonight feared for Tony after his evil dad Edward ‘operated’ on him after tricking him into thinking he has a brain tumour.

Last night, the shocking truth behind Tony’s diagnosis was revealed to be part of a plot that his father has against him.

Fans are worried for Tony after he had an operation for a brain tumour he didn’t need

Last week, viewers saw Tony suffer a seizure after Edward spiked his drink during a family lunch.

After being taken to the hospital, Edward insisted that his son have a brain scan and ended up telling him that the scan showed he had a brain tumour.

In tonight’s (May 12) E4 first-look episode, Tony was seen undergoing the knife to remove the “tumour”.

Surgeon Edward performed the surgery, despite there being nothing wrong with his son.

Tony’s evil dad Edward pretended he had a brain tumour and then ‘operated’ on him

After the surgery, Tony was seen feeling groggy and talking to Diane from his hospital bed.

Edward then told the couple that the surgery went well.

However, Tony’s half-sister, and Edward’s daughter, Verity became suspicious about the operation after Edward acted cagey when she asked him some questions.

The show ended with Verity finding out what her dad had done after she looked through Tony’s file and it said that the surgery had been cancelled.

Edward delivered the ‘bad news’ last night

She confronted Edward and he revealed the truth – but will she tell Tony what the evil surgeon has done?

Fans immediatly took to Twitter to share their anguish at what was happening to Tony at the hands of his dad.

One wrote: “I’m struggling to watch this episode of #Hollyoaks knowing Edward wants to kill Tony or leave him brain damaged.”

Whole this one tweeted: “I can’t believe Edward is doing this to his own son Tony unbelievable #Hollyoaks.”

Another said: “What exactly did Edward actually do to poor Tony in that operation given there was NO tumor to even remove? #Hollyoaks.”

Speaking about the storyline actor Nick Pickard, who plays Tony, told Metro: “I think he’d be mortified. What’s he’s doing to him, and what he’s done to him already.

“To find out that your own father is pretty much trying to off you, it’s horrible.

“I don’t think I could ever forgive anyone for sleeping with my wife, let alone by father! I don’t think I could ever forgive him for pretending I had a brain tumour, but you never know!”