Hollyoaks fans furious as Cleo McQueen leaves the village after discovering Mitchells affair with Scott


HOLLYOAKS viewers are SOMETHING after Cleo McQueen left the village following her discovery that boyfriend Mitchell was cheating on her with Scott Drinkwell.

The nurse – who is played by actress Nadine Mulkerrin in the Channel 4 soap – found Mitchell and Scott unconscious in the destroyed cafe after the crane collapse interrupted their illicit romp.

Cleo tells them it’s not her story anymore

With Scott left unconscious from his injuries Cleo tackled Mitchell who was keeping a bedside vigil in a special three-hander episode.

Forcing Mitchell to tell her the truth about what she had seen, Cleo lost her temper and forced Mitchell to admit to himself about who he really is.

“Did you always know you were gay?” she asked as he insisted he was straight despite his affair with Scott.

Almost resorting to binge eating again, Cleo raged at Mitchell telling him: “It’s funny, scoffing down all this food then it comes back up. You, Harry, Joel and even the food doesn’t want me.”

The couple had a powerful heart to heart before Scott woke up and then Cleo let her rage out towards him too.

Mitchell asks her not to tell anyone
Scott is heartbroken

She raged at Mitchell: “You think your granddad is going to hate you for being gay but he should hate you for being a coward.”

But as Scott explained the torment of having to come out still, Cleo began to soften and realised Mitchell and Scott had suffered too.

Scott told her: “I met this guy and he liked me and I thought this is it this is the reward finally but he wasn’t mine, he was yours. If it meant that he couldn’t be honest with me and treat me like a doormat then that’s fine because you make compromises.

“I know who I am and I’m not much of a catch. A building fell on us because you were ashamed of me. You’re right Cleo, I did have a choice and I chose Mitchell over you and I would have given anything for it not to be you. But I wanted him.”

Scott was dressed as Anita during the crane crash
Mitchell tried to break them free

Giving Mitchell the choice between her or Scott or his drag alter-ego Anita, Mitchell opened up about falling in love with Scott and Cleo decided she had to leave the village.

“I’m not a part of this anymore, it’s not my story so this is your mess now,” she told him before walking out leaving fans devastated – and angry at Scott and Mitchell.

One wrote: “Really Scott?! Youve got the nerve to smile at her?! Oh, Im not for outing but my god do those two deserve a smack! Scott especially! He has NO REMORSE AT ALL!!! He doesnt give a shit about Cleo!”

A second said: “How savage is that, Mitchell not bothered after everything how Cleo is but hes more interested if shell keep his secret… Never has any luck does she”

Another added: “Scott and Mitchell arent going to work out. Any negative energy you o it out it comes back. Karma is a bitch. They did my girl, Cleo wrong. #Hollyoaks”