Hollyoaks fans horrified after character killed off – as new villain The Undertaker claims first victim


HOLLYOAKS viewers were left reeling when the soap’s latest villain took no time at all to claim her first victim.

Soap legend Glynis Barber joined the C4 soap as its newest supervillain, gangster grandma Norma.

Glynis Barber joined Hollyoaks as new villain, Norma aka The Undertaker

Her highly anticipated arrival to Hollyoaks left Sienna, Ste and Ethan very worried for their lives. 

Sienna and Ste stole money from Norma who stormed in demanding its return, but the pair were struggling to pay it back.

While it seemed Norma had her deadly sights set on Sienna, Ethan stepped in to sacrifice himself.

But in a twist that no one saw coming, Norma killed newcomer Asher.

It was then revealed that not only was Asher her accountant, but also Norma’s secret lover and had tried to get the money back.

The Undertaker had talked about a big game about causing violence to those who crossed her, but shocked everyone when she shot Asher dead.

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She then revealed her lover was a police informant who had been working to bring her down.

Before he died Asher believed they were about to shoot one of the trio and said to Norma: “Must we go through these morbid theatrics every time?” indicating they’d killed before.

Norma told her beau before shooting him: “Don’t worry gorgeous, it’ll all be over soon.”

Ste, Ethan and Sienna looked on in shock, with Norma telling them to clean up the body before promising Ethan she wasn’t done with him.

Fans watching at home could not believe the twist, but were even more shocked at Norma’s cold blooded ability to murder.

“OK fair play to Ethan for taking responsibility, but Norma just shot Asher without even flinching!” tweeted fan.

Another added: “She scared me when she shot Asher when I thought it was going be sienna Ste or Ethan.”

And a third wrote: “Wow wasn’t expecting norma to kill Asher I thought be Ethan sienna or Ste.”

Eastenders legend Glynis was announced as the latest Hollyoaks villain last month.

The Glenda Mitchell actress – who also appeared in Emmerdale as DCI Grace Barraclough – arrived in the village at the helm of a hearse.

The actress joined EastEnders in 2010 as Ronnie and Roxy’s mum Glenda Mitchell.

She stayed until 2017 with her final appearance coming after the deaths of her daughters on Ronnie’s wedding day.

Meanwhile Hollyoaks has become the first British soap to go online first.

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All the week’s episodes will be available to watch in the mornings on streaming service All4.

It will continue to air episodes on Channel 4 at 6.30pm, and E4 at 7pm.

Ste, Ethan and Sienna feared for their lives because they owed Norma money

But Norma shocked everyone when she turned around to shoot her lover and accountant, Asher

Glynis also starred on Eastenders and Emmerdale