Hollyoaks fans in tears at show’s emotional love letter to fans for 25th anniversary


HOLLYOAKS fans have been left in tears by the emotional love letter from the cast to the fans in tonight’s episode.

The message – read out by every regular cast member of the Channel 4 soap – was part of Yaz’s proposal to Tom Cunningham, but it’s dual purpose was a thank you from the show to long-time viewers.

Hollyoaks fans were treated to a ‘love letter’ from the show’s biggest names

The soap celebrated its 25th anniversary tonight with the emotional moment.

“Being with you feels like coming home,” read the message. 

“We’ve known each other for so long but you can still surprise me. 

“We’ve been through some sunny days and some dark nights. We’ve said our fair share of hellos and far too many goodbyes. 

Star including Richard Blackwood and Jennifer Metcalfe joined in the tribute

“The one thing I know, the one thing I am sure of is this – that when I need you the most you are right by my side.

“Making me laugh, making me cry, more happy tears than sad ones and never failing to take my breath away and just sometimes you can be a little bit wicked too. 

“There are things you’ve shown me that you won’t see in any classroom and there are days where you also drive me mad.

“When you do things you know I won’t like, but I’ll always forgive you because of all the lessons you’ve taught me. 

Some viewers were in floods of tears at the emotional video messages

“I’ll never forget these – that sisters always know best, no kiss is ever goodbye and no matter how dark the days get – love always wins.

“Oh and remember to live your life like it’s the last day on earth. Preferably in high heels and a little red dress. 

“So here we are and it only feels like yesterday when we very first met. To watch you grow has been a story of a lifetime – my only wish is that we could do it all over again. 

“Every second, every tear and every one of those steamy kisses. And I wouldn’t have missed any of it for the world. I can’t wait to see what happens next with you holding my hand and keeping me safe. 

“Because being with you feels like coming home, so why would I ever want to leave?

“I’m proud to call you my friend, I am proud to call you my brother and I am proud to be your sister and I’m proud to call you my boyfriend. I love you. I love you Tom.”

Tom was then seen sobbing – and he wasn’t the only one.

Realising it was a love letter to the fans from the cast, viewers were left sobbing at home.

One actress wrote: “I’ve watched every single episode of @Hollyoaks & I’ve appeared in it twice.

“It’s been such an entertaining friend to me over the years & tonight, like a daft old mare, I started crying when Yazz played the video. ♥.”

A second said: “Yasmines love letter to Tom is so sweet I’m crying.”

Another joked: “Ffs. Crying at Yaz’s letter to tom in #hollyoaks.”