Hollyoaks fans now convinced Tonys dad Edward shot Mercedes as revenge for hit and run lie


HOLLYOAKS fans have a new shocking theory about who shot Mercedes McQueen Tonys dad Edward.

They think the village newcomer has taken revenge on her for framing his grandson, Harry, for the hit and run that left Grace in a wheelchair.

Fans reckon Tony’s dad Edward, right, did it

Taking to Twitter to share their theories, one fan said: I believe its Tonys dad too, he definitely did it.

Another added: Tonys Dad hes a bloke with a mission in mind! while another said: Tony’s dad – we’ve seen what he is capable of and he has motive as Harry was his grandson.

One viewer said: I reckon Tony’s dad shot Mercedes while another was so convinced, she was willing to bet cash on it, saying: Just watching last nights @Hollyoaks I’m putting my money on Tony’s dad killing Mercedes!!

One fan had a huge prediction, saying: Calling it now @Hollyoaks – the #WhoShotMercedes mystery will end, revealing Edward as her shooter. Think about it? He’s been tipped a new baddie, has a loyalty to his grandson & this will bring him front & centre to the show in time for Tony’s return & the 25th Anniversary plot.

Mercedes is in hospital after being shot

Fans think that it’s revenge for Mercy framing Tony’s son Harry – right – for a hit and run

I think it was Tonys dad!! Hes going to be the next psycho villain, said another.

Edward turned up in the village a few weeks ago just as Tony was stabbed and kidnapped by serial killer Breda McQueen.

Hes been getting close to Tonys wife Diane one of the soaps official shooting suspects who thinks Tonys run off after his son Harrys death.

Mercedes was left bleeding on the floor of The Loft after a mystery suspect shot her and left her for dead earlier this week.

The official seven suspects are James Nightingale, Breda McQueen, Sylver McQueen, Liam Donovan, Joel Dexter and Diane Hutchinson but since the storyline started, fans are also convinced Liams brother Jesse and returning Warren Fox could be in the frame.