Hollyoaks fans set up a petition to save Brody and Siennas relationship after devastating baby loss

Sienna and Brody are having a rough ride at the moment

HOLLYOAKS fans have set up two petitions to beg bosses not to split up fan favourite couple Sienna and Brody.

The soap couple – played by Anna Passey and Adam Woodward – have been put through the ringer by the writers of the Channel 4 soap recently.

Not only did the on-off couple nearly split up for good, but their surrogate mother Liberty Savage (Jessamy Stoddart) revealed she lost their baby to miscarriage.

Liberty tearfully explained to the couple on Friday’s episode that she won’t carry another baby for them.

Now fearful fans have set up two petitions to convince the showrunners to save their relationship and give them a happy ending.

The Change.org petition reads: “This is a petition to try and give Brody and Sienna their happy ending.

“I know it’s a bit extreme, but me and so many other Hollyoaks fans have had enough of them splitting up perfect ships!

“So I thought I’d do something about it, and finally let the fans have a say and our voices heard. We always get ignored, and we’ve had enough.

“So if you’re a Hollyoaks fan or a soap fan please support!

“Their soulmates and all the fans love them, we just want one couple to survive, without being split up, or cheating on the other.

“They’re a fan favourite couple and so many people love them! We have to at least save one couple. These two deserve it!”

Fans have also set up a hashtag on Twitter, called #SaveBrienna – the portmanteau name fans use to describe the couple.

Adam Woodward at the Inside Soap Awards
Anna Passey at the British Soap Awards

Brody only recently forgave Sienna after he dumped her for concealing the truth about Maxine’s (Nikki Sanderson) Munchausen’s syndrome.

However, they managed to reconcile before being hit with the devastating news that they lost their baby.

Not all is lost for their baby plans, as teenager Ollie Morgan suggested the couple adopt his baby with Brooke.