Hollyoaks fans shock as Felix left for dead after brutal attack by son Toby


HOLLYOAKS fans were left in shock tonight after Felix was left for dead after he was brutally attacked by his son Toby

On E4’s First Look, Toby and his sister Celeste were hellbent on discovering the truth about why Martine gave them away when they were babies.

Felix was attacked by Toby on Hollyoaks tonight

But after finding out that dad Felix had in fact sold them as infants, Toby saw red.

The truth came to light several weeks back, when Scott overheard Felix and Walter discussing how Felix had sold Toby and Celeste when they were little.

But on tonight’s episode Celeste told Toby – who was naturally devastated by the news

Celeste told her brother that she believes mum Martine genuinely didn’t know about Felix having sold them, but Toby is so full of rage about the whole thing he can’t see past it.

Toby looked shocked by what he had done to his father

Then, despite being warned not to “do anything stupid” by Celeste, he raged: “It’s better than not doing anything at all.”
Later Toby was seen confronting Martine, before storming off in anger.

Then in the final scene of the show, we saw Felix walking down an alleyway.

Toby whacked Felix over the head
Celeste and Toby were angry to find out Felix had sold them as babies

In the background a figure in a hoodie approached him from behind and whacked him around the head, before launching a frenzied attack.

Next we saw Felix on the ground unconscious and Toby revealing himself as the attacker.

Toby looked shocked by what he had done, and viewers echoed this sentiment.

One tweeted: “After everything he was put through I’m not even surprised he’s this crazy #Hollyoaks.”

While this one commented: “Toby has completely lost it! Beating up his dad #Hollyoaks.”

Another said: “OMG Toby, has he actually just killed his own Father? #Hollyoaks.”

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