Hollyoaks fans think Celeste and Toby are Martines twins and not Mitchell


HOLLYOAKS fans are convinced Celeste and Toby are Martine’s secret twins and not Mitchell – after it was revealed they aren’t a couple.

The music producers – who are played by actors Andrea Ali and Bobby Gordon in the Channel 4 soap – were shown to go to separate bedrooms in last night’s episode.

Fans are convinced Celeste is really the secret twin

Fans are now convinced there is a major twist coming with them actually being the two babies Martine gave up at birth, instead of Mitchell.

One wrote: “Anyone else think Toby and celeste are the twins and Mitchell isn’t one? @Hollyoaks”

A second said: “Im starting to think that both Celeste AND Toby are the twins in the photo and they were born before Martine had Mitchell but she gave them up.. why else would celeste be so set on revenge if she isnt really tobys wife.. #Hollyoaks”

Another added: “Toby and Celeste are a mystery to me dont think theyre actually married.

Toby is hiding another secret from the village
The pair went to their separate bedrooms last night

“Celeste must have something to do with the Deverauxs otherwise she wouldnt be so invested in targeting them, maybe another relative? #Hollyoaks”

It came after the pair took comfort in their actions to out Mitchell and cause him to be disowned by his grandfather Walter.

The doctor – who is played by actor Imran Adams in the Channel 4 soap – was outed by Toby but his pastor grandfather reacted badly and tried to get him to pray the gay away.

Walter insisted he wouldnt allow Mitchell to be gay

Walter insisted he wouldnt allow Mitchell to be gay after his own twin brother took his own life over the familys reaction to being gay.

He left his family in shock and told them: My twin brother. So intelligent and moral and I lost him because he isolated himself from those he loved.

I was devastated. Thats when I realised my own path in life and I became a pastor to make sure no one like your uncle made the mistake of turning their back on God. I am not coming from a place of hate. My concern for your salvation comes from a place of love.

Mitchell Devereaux was disowned by his grandfather for being gay

He added: Come to church with me and ask God to rid you of this evil.

Martine argued against her father, telling him: No, this isnt something that he can just pray away and he shouldnt have to try either.

Lisa and Martine let rip at him and tried to stop him from trying conversion therapy with Mitchell.

Slamming the door shut Martine told her father: I am his mother and I forbid you. Cant you see the damage youre doing?

Mitchell’s mother tried to support him

But he turned on his own daughter and shouted: Your loose morals have corrupted him. You are an embarrassment to this family. You are a disgrace and a sorry excuse for a parent.

Martine fled the house in tears as Mitchell went head to head with his grandfather himself.

Mitchell told him: Ive been so scared of who I am, Ive tried everything to keep it under control. Ive lied to myself, Ive lied to you and you know me better than anyone else. Do you think I would choose to do this to you? I cant choose my sexuality. Im still your grandson.

Martine fled the house in tears as Mitchell went head to head with his grandfather himself

But Walter refused to learn from his past and told his grandson: You are no longer welcome in this house or this family. I do not wish to see or speak to you ever again.

It left viewers in tears with one writing: “I’m crying, damn Hollyoaks DAMN.”

Another added: “This episode is remarkable. I adore it.”

A third wrote: I am proud of Mitchell.”

Another added: Wow what a powerful scene!”