Hollyoaks fining cast and crew £1,000 if they catch coronavirus and force soap set to shutdown


HOLLYOAKS has outraged its stars by hitting anyone who catches coronavirus with a £1,000 fine.

The soap has told its cast and crew they will be hammered with the stiff penalty if they’re forced to quarantine because of the disease.

Hollyoaks bosses are handing out £1,000 fines for stars who quarantine

A source told HOAR that at least one member of the cast has already been asked to hand over a grand since being forced into self-isolation.

The insider explained that the policy has sparked uproar on set – with many insisting it’s nobody’s fault if they come down with Covid.

They explained: “Hollyoaks, like all soaps, need their stars to adhere to strict guidelines to keep them safe on set and the talent are urged not to take risks in their home lives.

“However, it’s not that easy so they’ve come up with what seems like a deterrent to stop people taking the mick.

The show’s stars have been urgent not to take risks in their personal lives

Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks is filmed and set in North West England

“The cast have been warned they face a fine of £1,000 if they are forced to quarantine because of coronavirus.”

Hollyoaks is filmed on a special set on the outskirts of Liverpool, where mass coronavirus testing has been taking place.

Under current government rules, people who comes into close contact with someone with coronavirus must isolate for 14 days – even if they test negative themselves.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is currently unable to leave Downing Street after being near an MP who tested positive.

Each quarantine period causes filming schedules to be rejigged

Hollyoaks ran out of episodes in July – but returned to screens in September

The insider added that Hollyoaks bosses were keen that Covid does not disrupt filming.

They said: “Each quarantine period is two weeks and this means that filming schedules could need to be rejigged – causing upheaval and extra work. And obviously there is the risk to others working on the show.

“So to try and minimise this they’ve told the cast they’ll be dishing them out where necessary.

“Everyone is talking about it. At least one of the stars has already been told they’re going to be getting fined.

“It’s outraged a lot of people. No one wants to quarantine or catch it – so it’s not exactly intentional.”

HOAR has contacted a rep for Hollyoaks for comment.

The Channel 4 soap, which airs first-look episodes on E4, has been among the more resilient shows on TV during the first lockdown, staying on air until the end of July.

Classic episodes were screened in its place before new shows began in September.

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