Hollyoaks hit by coronavirus outbreak as Callum Kerr tests positive


HOLLYOAKS has been hit with a coronavirus outbreak after actor Callum Kerr tested positive for the virus.

The actor – who plays abuser PC Kiss in the Channel 4 soap – revealed he had contracted the virus despite only leaving the house to go to work and for food shopping.

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Callum has tested positive for coronavirus

He has eight days remaining to self-isolate.

He posted on Instagram: “Caught the virus despite only visiting work and food stores. 

“Tested positive Tuesday and again since to confirm. That’s life. See ya in another 8 days, world. #staysafe.”

It comes after HOAR revealed a Hollyoaks’ star’s shock at being warned they faced a £1,000 fine after being told to self-isolate.

Callum caught the virus despite only going to work and to shop

Hollyoaks star told of their shock after learning the soap have warned they will dish out £1,000 fines for stars who act ‘irresponsibly’

Insiders told HOAR they were shocked to learn of the stiff penalty, dished out for being “irresponsible”, but a Hollyoaks spokesperson insisted this was not the case.

The insider explained that the policy has sparked uproar on set.

They explained: “A member of the cast has said they’ve been hit with a £1000 fine for having to self isolate because of coronavirus.

“They said they’d been told they had been acting in an irresponsible manner.

The show’s stars have been urged not to take risks in their personal lives

“It’s the talk of the cast and other stars have said they think it’s shocking.

“Everyone is trying to stick to the rules.”

A spokeswoman for Hollyoaks responded and said: “It is untrue to suggest Hollyoaks would fine anybody for having to self-isolate.  

“The safety and wellbeing of Hollyoaks cast and crew is paramount as is the need to produce Hollyoaks in a safe environment.  

“Any breach of government guidelines that could put the health of others at risk could be the subject of appropriate disciplinary action.”

Hollyoaks is filmed on a special set on the outskirts of Liverpool, where mass coronavirus testing has been taking place.