Hollyoaks horror stabbing as Ste Hay finally escapes far right gangs clutches in hour long special


HOLLYOAKS is lining up a horror stabbing as Ste Hay finally escapes the far right gang’s clutches once and for all.

The Channel 4 soap will air a special hour-long episode next week as Ste launches one final bid for freedom after being forced to stay in the group to keep his family safe.

The end of the far right storyline will lead to Ste’s temporary exit

The extended 60-minute edition of the soap has been scheduled for E4 on Friday, November 15 at 7pm with the episode airing the next night on Channel 4.

When Stuart discovers Stes ‘traitorous’ actions, he decides that Ste must be silenced for good.

In scenes filmed on location in September, a showdown will lead to numerous exits, including the temporary departure of Ste.

Speaking about the scenes, Ray (Jonny) said: “It felt like the pinnacle of the storyline and the journey as an actor – it felt like the end. We were at the edge of a cliff and emotions were running quite high on the day, so there are a lot of natural tears during the scenes that we were filming.”

Stuart will order that Ste needs to be silenced permanently

But there’s another big twist in the episodes with a shock stabbing.

The as yet unnamed victims stumbles into the hospital with life-threatening injuries after a gang fight in the middle of the town.

Stuart arranges for his racist gang to take over another racist gang and on his way to the meeting he grabs a knife from the kitchen, leaving Ste worried.

So when the victim turns up stabbed, Stuart is the first one Ste thinks of for the attack, but will that be how he manages to escape from the gang?

* Hollyoaks airs weeknights on Channel 4 at 6.30pm with a first look episode following on E4 at 7pm