Hollyoaks James will suffer a breakdown when he discovers Mercedes ISNT Harrys killer, claim fans


HOLLYOAKS fans are convinced that James Nightingale will suffer a breakdown when he discovers Mercedes isn’t Harry’s killer.

James decided to pull the trigger on Mercedes McQueen after he thought that he was the reason behind Harry Thompson’s death – when it was in fact the secret village serial killer Breda Thompson.

Hollyoaks fans are convinced that James will suffer a breakdown when he discovers Mercedes isn’t Harry’s killer

James has been heartbroken since the death of his boyfriend and fans of the Channel 4 soap think that he’s going to have a breakdown after he’s realised he shot Mercedes for no reason.

One tweeted: “I feel like James is going to either have a full mental breakdown or go complete psycho when he finds out about Harrys death


Whilst another wrote: “James is going have a breakdown. I can feel it #Hollyoaks.”

It was finally revealed earlier this week that James and Grace Black were the ones who tried to kill off Mercedes McQueen on the day of Harry’s funeral.

It was revealed earlier this week that Grace and James were behind Mercedes shooting

Mercedes tried to frame Harry for Graces hit-and-run

The two couldn’t get over the fact that she had tried to frame Harry for Grace’s hit-and-run and evidence that Grace later revealed on a tape put a spanner in the works.

In the tape Mercedes threatened to kill Harry – which then convinced James that she was to blame for his death and wanted to get revenge – so they paired up and shot her.

However, they had no idea it was in fact Breda McQueenwho killed the student.

The serial killer – who has voices in her head telling her to kill – wasn’t impressed that Harry was planning to go on the run after a hit and run which would have meant he’d have left his child behind.

Breda McQueen has murdered numerous men in the village – including Harry

She’s been targeting people in the village who she perceives as a bad dad and brutally killed the former footballer – just minutes after he found out that Mercedes was driving the car that hit Grace.

After killing off such a big character in the soap, Hollyoaks boss Bryan Kirkwood has defended the decision to do so.

Speaking exclusively to HOAR Online, he said: “We do not kill off characters of Harry’s standing and legacy without really working out if it’s worth it.

“What I’ve learned over the years is that sometimes killing a much-loved character can give other characters a new lease of life, and we are desperately sad to see the back of Harry.”