Hollyoaks launches spin-off tracking show’s most explosive storylines to tide fans over until new episodes in September


HOLLYOAKS will treat fans to an extra special trip down memory lane with two eras of nostalgic throwbacks for [email protected]

The Channel 4 soap will celebrate its 25th birthday by airing five of the must-see weeks in its history, digging back in the archives to bring old plotlines back to life from 1995-2000 and 2001-2005.

[email protected] will take viewers on an exciting trip down memory lane to mark the soap’s 25th birthday

Hollyoaks’ current stars will introduce the drama from yesteryear and this week, Tony Hutchinson actor Nick Pickard and Mercedes McQueen actress Jen Metcalfe are in the hot seat.

They will re-introduce viewers to the show’s first ever big stunt, aired in 1999, and debut villain Rob Hawthorne.

It will see a young Tony, Lewis, Ruth and Lucy in serious danger as they are held captive in a huge water tank.

It remains to be seen if they all escape, or just some, and if so how they complete their feat.

Nick Pickard’s character, Tony Hutchinson, will feature in the first throwback from 1999

Actor Nick will sit, in a socially distanced way, alongside Jen to watch the nail-biting scenes which show his character face his fate.

Talking about the new series, Nick said: “It is so lovely being back on set, and seeing all of my fellow co-stars, and what better way to return
than to host a new special birthday series with the lovely Jennifer Metcalfe?

“Although it’s been so difficult to remember my scripts after all this time, I’m a bit rusty…!

“I can’t believe it’s been as long as 25 years. After my first call back for Tony Hutchinson, I would never have guessed that I would still be here all these years later.”

The five weeks of throwbacks will no doubt delight long-time fans of the Channel 4 show

It hone s in on five storylines originally aired from 1995 to 2005

Talking of the soap’s new social distancing measures, Nick added: “Things are a lot different on set – the change is definitely noticeable, but there’s no better feeling than being back – it’s home.

“There are lots of exciting throwbacks in store for [email protected], so keep
your eyes peeled.”

Viewers will get their first look at look at Jen and Nick introducing [email protected] after tonight’s E4 episode.