Hollyoaks legend says he’s ‘genuinely terrified’ about his bills after quitting soap

Hollyoaks can reveal that the new upcoming trailer will feature the return of character Kurt Benson, played by Jeremy Edwards, to the village after 20 years to celebrate the soap’s 25th Birthday, The new 25th birthday trailer teases to the dramatic return of original character Kurt Benson as he rides back in to his hometown on his signature motorbike, and reunites with his old friend Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) after all these years. Has Tony seen a ghost…, Kurt Benson appeared in the first ever episode of Hollyoaks in 1995, roaring onto our screens on his iconic motorbike and sharing his first scenes with best friend Tony (played by Nick Pickard). , During his time in the show Jeremy featured in many huge storylines thanks to Kurt’s turbulent love life, a deadly rivalry with notorious villain Rob Hawthorne (Warren Derosa) and escaped an attempted murder charge. Kurt went on to marry Ruth Osborne (Tony’s sister played by Terri Dwyer) and the pair became icons for all teenagers in love., He eventually had an affair with Katie Patrick (Natasha Symms) prompting Kurt and Ruth to go their separate ways as he left the soap in 1999 in the same way he arrived, by motorbike,

FORMER Hollyoaks star Jeremy Edwards told fans he is “genuinely terrified” about paying his bills after quitting the soap.

The actor, who returned to the soap in 2020 as Kurt Benson for its 25th anniversary, voiced his concern about the cost of living crisis in a now deleted tweet.

Jeremy Edwards admitted worries about his utility bills in a deleted tweet

Jeremy, 51, is also famous for his time on Holby City and performing in Celebrity X Factor, but his sole acting credit for this year is in low-budget indie film Not By the Book.

The dad-of-two previously spoke of his financial struggles due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He said last year: “I didn’t mind the first one too much but the second absolutely destroyed me. I had to borrow money, there was nothing else I could do.

“All that I’m earning now is making up for that time. But I’m lucky that I’ve got work so I will be back on track this summer.”

He quit Hollyoaks for good after being trolled on Twitter about his character Kurt’s return from the dead.

Kurt’s close pal Tony Hutchinson believied he’d seen a ghost when he arrived back in Hollyoaks 21 years after he was killed off-screen in a jet ski accident.

But many viewers refused to accept Kurt was still very much alive, plying his trade as a conman, and they hounded Jeremy on Twitter.

Jeremy announced his decision to leave the soap for a second time, writing: “It is with a heavy heart I am announcing I will NOT be returning to #Hollyoaks

“Many reasons but I’d be lying if I said being judged on here hasn’t influenced my decision. Never say never but for now I’m done.

“Thank you to those who have supported me for me.”

However the star’s supporters immediately rallied around him and begged him to ignore “nasty” comments.

One replied and said: “From someone who’s watched since day one ( yes, that makes me feel old) it’s such a shame as has been amazing to have you back x – ignore the bs of idiotic, nasty, people that hide behind the social barrier – you are better than that but deserve your happiness end of!x”

Another penned: “This is very sad to read. You were fab and I was looking forwards to seeing the Kurt and Tony bromance again. Hope you change your mind and I hope @Hollyoaks try to change your mind. X”

The actor, who was once engaged to Rachel Stevens, was in the first-ever episode of the soap alongside best friend Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard).

His original stint on Hollyoaks saw Kurt married as a teenager to sweetheart Ruth Osbourne, being accused of the attempted murder of Spike, and cheating on Ruth with Kate Patrick. 

Jeremy did briefly return to the Chester show in 2013 as a hallucination protecting Tony’s son during Hollyoaks later.

Jeremy’s character was a teen heartthrob when he was on screen

He was a bit of a bad boy during his years on the show