Hollyoaks Liam is capable of murder as he plans revenge for Jesses death says actor Jude McGowan


Hollyoaks’ Liam Donovan actor is “capable of murder” says the actor who plays him, Jude McGowan.

In upcoming scenes Liam decides to take revenge on anyone who has crossed him and get to the bottom of who killed his little brother Jesse by hosting a devils dinner party.

Liam is planning to get revenge and answers

Discussing his characters plans, Jude teased: Everyone who has wronged him will be his guests.

That would be James Nightingale (his ex), Mercedes McQueen (who aborted his baby), Maxine Kinsella (the last person to see Jesse alive), and his sister, Grace Black. Everyone else is residual collateral damage from the main offenders.

He will also have a face-off with Warren Fox, who targets the Donovans convinced that Grace shot Mercedes.

Jude revealed: Liam kidnaps John Paul McQueen and Sylver McQueen so he can lure Grace and James to the Dog, where the showdown is going to happen.

He invites Mercedes and others who have wrong him for a dinner party

He decides hes going to hold them all hostage as collateral for James not doing anything stupid

And he thinks his character wont stop at anything to get the answers he needs even murder.

He is capable of anything at this point, absolutely anything… Hes capable of inciting other people to do murder. Hes capable of murder himself, he said.

Hes capable of getting his revenge, come what may, regardless of the repercussions.

Jude added: Hes gone full blown revenge, the devil-may-care as it were, pun intended. Hes been whipped up into this frenzied, revengeful, maniac, when it becomes clear to him who is solely responsible for Jesses death….