Hollyoaks Nancy in heartbreaking twist as she finds out she’s pregnant with Kyle’s baby AFTER he dies, says fan theory


HOLLYOAKS fans think there will be a heartbreaking twist for Nancy as she discovers she’s pregnant with her late fiancé’s baby. 

It would be especially sad as Nancy previously miscarried their child earlier in the year after getting stabbed in the leg.

Fans think Nancy is going to find out she’s pregnant with Kyle’s baby

Nancy being pregnant with Kyle’s baby It’s the latest theory from fans who are eagerly anticipating the results of the flash forward episode to New Year’s Eve 2020, shown last year. 

The most shocking scene shows John Paul McQueen crying over a body bag with the identity of the corpse remains a mystery. 

Also in the episode was a heavily pregnant Nancy – but who is the father?

Nancy has been struggling to cope with the death of her boyfriend Kyle

Posting to Twitter fans are busy speculating on who it could be with many thinking that it’s Kyle’s baby.

One wrote: “Not that this is relevant but in the flashfoward episode Nancy is heavily pregnant. I’m guessing in the near future she will find out she is pregnant again with Kyles child?”

“I am starting to wonder if Nancy is pregnant with Kyle’s baby.   And I think what’s happened with lead Charlie to do deals for Jordan,” added another. 

The teacher previously miscarried their baby

While a third penned: “Anyone else think Nancy is pregnant with Kyle’s baby?”

Kyle – who had been struggling with depression – tragically took his own life in after reconciling with bride-to-be Nancy Hayton.

His best mate Darren – who is in his own battle with depression – tragically found his body.

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