Hollyoaks’ Owen Warner slammed by I’m A Celeb fans after awkward gaffe with Boy George and Scarlette


I’M A Celebrity fans were left infuriated this evening as Hollyoaks star Owen Warner appeared to have no idea who any of his campmates were.

The 23-year-old looked baffled as he met them all for the first time and even asked Boy George what his name was.

Owen Warner had no clue who any one was

The Hollyoaks star had to asked Boy George his name

He was equally as clueless about Sue Cleaver – despite her being a veteran soap star.

And things went from bad to worse when he met Scarlette Douglas.

It was down to Boy George to fill Owen in during the hilarious exchange.

The singing legend said : “She’s from A Place In HOAR.”

Clueless, Owen replied: “Whereabouts?”

Boy George told him: “No, like the TV show.”

Those watching at home couldn’t get over his lacked of knowledge, with one fan writing: “Owen not knowing who Boy George is is crazy, but then Owen being confused at Boy George for knowing who Mike is is on another level.”

A second added: “Owen’s comment has made my night, boy george saying ‘she’s from a place in the sun.’ Owen, ‘where?’ 😂😂 #ImACeleb.”

While a third said: “Does Owen even know who Ant and Dec are? #ImACeleb.”

Once the group had all arrived they were joined by Ant and Dec who jetted in by boat to let them know what was happening. 

Dec revealed: “You’re not going to be making the journey to camp together. One of you has already been chosen by the public as a Jungle VIP.”

Announcing it was Boy George, he chose Scarlette to be his plus one for a delicious meal for two on a luxury yacht.

Asked why he chose her Boy George said: “Her outfit! She looks good, her earrings are great.”

Scarlette said: “We’ll bring the glam to the Jungle!”

Dec told the remaining campmates: “Owen, Mike, Sue the start of your Jungle adventure is going to be very different. And your journey begins right now, where you’ll have to earn your food along the way.”

On the competing team Olivia Attwood was selected to be the VIP and she picked Chris Moyles to join her.

The two groups will eventually come together in the camp and spend the next three weeks switching their lives of luxury for the jungle.

The stars all met for the first time