Hollyoaks shock as Celeste lures dad Felix to the village to take revenge on him


HOLLYOAKS fans are in shock after Celeste Faroe vowed to take revenge on her dad Felix Westwood and lured him to the village.

The designer – who is played by actress Andrea Ali in the E4 soap – tricked Mitchell into giving her the information she needed to find their biological father.

Hollyoaks’ Celeste has lured her dad Felix to the village

And when she finally found a contact number she lied to her brother and told him Felix had moved abroad and they had no hope of finding him.

However, she was lying and quickly put her own plan in place with Toby.

Viewers know Felix convinced Martine to give the babies up at birth to a doctor who experimented on them.

She told him: “If only he knew. Ranger gave me Felix’s number and all that stuff about him being abroad was a lie.

She told Mitchell that she couldn’t get through to their dad

But Celeste actually got Felix’s number and called him pretending to be Martine

“If Martine was right and our dad was the one who gave us away then he needs to pay. And Mitchell will only get in the way of the plan.”

Putting on her best Martine voice, Celeste picked up her phone to lure Felix to the village.

Calling him she said: “Hello Felix, it’s Martine Devereaux. I’m living in Hollyoaks village and I need you to pay me a visit. It’s urgent.”

But viewers think she could have bitten off more than she can chew – and hope her actions don’t deter Toby and Mitchell’s blossoming friendship.

One wrote: “I like Toby more than Celeste tbh.”

A second said: “Hope Toby actually tries to get to know Mitchell despite Celeste trying to run everything.”

Another added: “Mitchell and Toby are bonding that’s lovely.”