Hollyoaks shock as Lisa Loveday is murdered by her cousin Toby Faroe


HOLLYOAKS fans are in shock after Lisa Loveday was accidentally murdered by her cousin Toby Faroe.

The shop assistant – who was played by actress Rachel Adedeji in the Channel 4 soap – was beaten to death under her bed covers in a case of mistaken identity when Toby tried to kill Mitchell.

Lisa Loveday was killed off in a shocking episode of Hollyoaks on Tuesday

A room swap meant Lisa was the one bludgeoned to death instead and tonight Toby was horrified by what he had done.

But instead of confessing to his crime, he got his sister Celeste to help him cover it up.

The sinister siblings hid all evidence of the crime and made it look like Lisa had simply disappeared onto her planned Ibiza holiday.

Her family has no idea she is dead – and it’s safe to say they won’t find out for a while yet.

Toby accidentally killed Lisa thinking it was Mitchell

Fans were in shock at the scenes, with one person tweeting: “@Hollyoaks
#Hollyoaks #HollyoaksReturns am gonna miss Lisa Loveday @RachelASongs I’m just in absolutely shock.”

A second viewer tweeted: “@Hollyoaks won’t be the same without Lisa Loveday HollyoaksReturns #Hollyoaks.”

And a third added: “i’m gutted. but what a way to go! bye @RachelASongs you’ve been amazing. we miss u already 🙁 rip lisa loveday. actual queen of sass <3 #Hollyoaks.”

Actress Rachel announced she had quit the Channel 4 soap earlier this year.

Actress Rachel Adedeji quit the Channel 4 soap earlier this year

She also posted about her experiences of racism while working on the show, leading to the show launching a major investigation.

Bosses announced recently that they had brought in unconscious bias trainers to help solve the issues that were raised.