Hollyoaks spoilers: Mitchell Devereaux in shock arrest as dad Felix Westwood draws him into trouble


MITCHELL Deveraux will be arrested as dad Felix Westwood draws him into trouble in upcoming Hollyoaks episodes.

A new trailer will show Mitchell being arrested by the police.

Mitchell is arrested in an upcoming trailer

The trailer – seen by Digital Spy – doesn’t make clear why he’s been arrested, but with the arrival of his troublemaker dad to the village, he could be pulled into some of his dodgy dealings.

Or will Celeste and Toby finally ruin the Deveraux family with Mitchell’s arrest.

The trailer will also follower Warren Fox and Sienna Blake, as they reignite their romance as their son Sebastian’s health crisis worsens.

But with Sienna only just having reconciled with boyfriend Brody Hudson – does this mean their relationship is over?

The Deverauxs are in trouble now Felix is in town

Elsewhere, evil Edward Hutchinson continues to plot against his son Tony as he tries to win back Diane – who got into a relationship with her while he was kidnapped by serial killer Breda.

Also, Darren Osborne continues his battle with depression.

Hollyoaks’ dramatic storyline involving the Deveraux family darkened this weekend as it was revealed both Felix and Walter sold Toby and Celeste to the evil doctor.

The gangster has been blackmailing Walter over the crime to get him to trick Mitchell into accepting him back into his life.

Toby and Celeste are seeking revenge on the family

Scott overheard a row between Felix and Walter where it all came out.

Walter thundered at Felix: “You sold your children for money. No man with any amount of goodness would ever have committed such a heinous crime. You will destroy their lives.”

Felix hit back: “You pretend that you’re holier than thou but you’re the one who went against God. You lied to your family for years. Yes I did the deal but you’re just as guilty.”

A horrified Scott butted in and confronted Walter once Felix had left.

Sienna and Warren reignite their romance despite her reconciling with Brody

He said: “Felix sold Toby and Celeste and you knew? It’s too much. To think that Mitchell spent months thinking he had let you down. You’re nothing but a fraud.”

Walter begged him to keep the secret, saying: “I admit I made a terrible mistake but for the right reasons.

“Felix said they had gone to a couple who were desperate for children. I would never knowingly put my grandchildren in danger.

“Martine was struggling, Mitchell was ill, what if she had forgiven him, you have to understand. I hate what I did, I am disgusted by it. All these years Martine thought I blamed her for giving the children up but my anger was at myself.

“And now I find out what those poor children went through because of the terrible thing that I did. I love that boy with all my heart, I beg you Scott. Do not tell him.”