Hollyoaks spoilers: Tonys wife Diane has steamy sex session with Tonys DAD Edward behind imprisoned soap legends back


HOLLYOAKS’ Tony Hutchinson is in for a shock when he finally finds out that his wife Diane has been getting down and dirty with his dad behind his back.

Diane (Alex Fletcher) has been busy snogging the face off Edward Hutchinson (Joe McGann) while her husband has been held captive on a pig farm.

Diane Hutchinson has been having steamy sexy sessions with her husbands dad – Edward Hutchinson

Her naughty behaviour has even got herself an alibi for the night that Mercedes McQueen was shot as she was snogging the face off her husband’s dad in The Hutch.

Despite having a cover-up for the night in question, she now has to deal with the guilt and feelings that have developed towards him.

Next week she wakes up alone after a night with Edward and realises that her affair needs to stop.

She goes on to tell Edward that she doesn’t want it to happen again – but Edward soon throws a spanner in the works and explains that he’s falling for her.

Diane has to choose between father and son – Edward and Tony

The soap legend won’t be happy when he finds out what’s been going on behind his back

While Diane has been getting down and dirty with Edward, Tony has been imprisoned on a pig farm by the evil Breda McQueen.

Over the last few months the businessman has been imprisoned by Breda to stop him from telling the police that she’s the secret serial killer of the village.

She’s cast a web of lies on Tony’s loved ones – saying that he’s left his family to be with his other woman.

Hollyoaks’ winter trailer teases that Tony will finally be found by Mercedes and he’ll soon find out what’s been going on between his dad and wife.