Hollyoaks star Jennifer Metcalfe pledges future to soap as she teases death in heartbreaking hour-long special


HOLLYOAKS’ Jennifer Metcalfe will NOT throw in the towel after appearing on the soap for 16 years.

During a chat with HOAR, the actress has vowed to remain in Chester as Mercedes McQueen… if her character was to survive recent horrific events.

Mercedes is one of the characters to be in danger following a horrific explosion
Jennifer Metcalfe has teased devastating deaths

Any diehard Hollyoaks fan knows of Mercedes, one of the main members of the McQueen clan.

Since her first appearance on the Channel 4 soap, in June, 2006, the character has been at the core of many dramatic plotlines.

And actress Jennifer Metcalfe has promised viewers they will be seeing more of her, stating that she is “very happy” to be a part of Hollyoaks.

“I take each contract as it comes”, Jennifer told HOAR in an exclusive chat.

“I’m very happy there and we just take each year as it comes.”

Although she has not planned any changes to her routine as of yet, Jennifer insists that she doesn’t “look too far ahead.”

“I don’t look too far ahead, my life changes quite often which I love.”

Rest assured: once again, Jennifer vows that Hollyoaks fans are stuck with her for a while.

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“Hollyoaks works”, the actress went on, adding: “it works in my life, so I don’t think I’m going anywhere anytime soon.”

But for now, her character’s life hangs in balance.

Last night’s instalment of Hollyoaks (January 10, 2022) left viewers at the edge of their seats as a horrific explosion left Mercedes, Sylver, Juliet, Toby and even Saul in grave danger.

They are among the many characters whose fates have been left uncertain after the inferno which took at Marnie Nightingale’s Salon de Thé.

Although she remained tight-lipped about the aftermath of the explosion, Jennifer did not want to get any fan’s hopes up.

“It’s a big question if anyone’s going to come out alive”, she said, teasing that horrifying deaths are inevitable.

“I personally, as a viewer, would be very surprised if everyone came out alive.”

Sylver McQueen (David Tag), Mercedes’ husband, is also among the casualties.

The couple have had their fair share of struggles but Sylver had made the decision to leave Mercedes prior to the explosion, in the fear she would cheat on him again.

But when he was caught up in the inferno, Sylver was left to die by his stepson Bobby who is seemingly upset about him leaving his mother.

Who will be spared by the tragedy?

Hollyoaks is back tonight (January 11, 2022) for an hour-long special at 6:30pm on Channel 4.

The episode will reveal who made it out of the rubble and which characters, regretfully or not, met their demise.

Marnie Nightingale’s patisserie went up in flames

Many characters have seemingly met their demise

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