Hollyoaks stars reveals MORE sickening abuse scenes are on the way for George and John Paul


HOLLYOAKS stars James Sutton and Callum Kerr have revealed there are more sickening abuse scenes on the way for their on-screen alter-egos.

The actors – who play John Paul McQueen and George Kiss on the Channel 4 soap – have lifted the lid on what viewers can expect between the pair in coming weeks.

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James Sutton and Callum Kerr have teased what fans of the show can expect next between the couple – and it doesn’t sound good

PC George has been manipulating his boyfriend for a number of months now and it looks like things are about to blow.

In recent weeks, viewers will know that the copper tried to make out that the teacher had broken his nose in a fight, when it fact he had injured himself in an accident.

Although things look like they’ve hit an all-time low for John Paul, James revealed that this is just the beginning of really difficult time for his character.

The actor said: “It’s getting more violent, more abusive, more controlling and these things do inevitably have a conclusion, but for better or worse?”

John Paul and George have been involved in an ongoing abusive storyline on the show

The soap star – who has played the former DJ on the show since 2006, told The Mirror: “It becomes more difficult for him to ignore the signs, and ignore his friends and loved ones.

“There is a tipping point where with good conscience, it has to come to a head at some point. That’s where we might be heading.”

And co-star Callum also teased that the manipulation and violence is about to hit another level.

The actor added: “George is not only manipulating John Paul, but whenever something comes to air he’ll play the victim as well and act like it’s the other way round, to make it look like John Paul is the abuser.

John Paul is trying to ignore the red flats in their relationship – but will it be too late?
The evil copper has been manipulating boyfriend John Paul for months

“It turns the tables so some family and friends think maybe it is John Paul who has got the problem, rather than George.”

When John Paul tried to confront the abuser about why he had tried to make it look like he’d hurt him, George punched him in the face.

And although Sally St. Claire has noticed that her son hasn’t been acting himself, the evil policeman told her to stay away, meaning that he can’t seek help from his loved-ones either.

Will John Paul be able to get himself out of the toxic relationship for good?

Meanwhile Ste Hayes, Peri Lomax, James Nightingale and Ollie Morgan are coming to terms with the loss of Sid Sumner

Fans of the hit show are still grieving over the death of Sid Sumner.

The teen was brutally stabbed to death by drug lord Victor Brothers when he found out that he was trying to get evidence to hand him into the police.

Some viewers were convinced that the young lad is in hiding – and their theory was confirmed last week when actor Billy Price confirmed he’s not dead.

The soap star told fans in a video on the soap’s official Twitter page: “It’s not over.”