Hollyoaks: Warren Fox’s revenge explained as he faces up to his childhood tormentor Felix


WARREN Fox decides to take action against Felix next week in Hollyoaks and plans his sweet revenge. 

But what will it entail? Here’s the lowdown…

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Warren decides to take action against Felix next week in Hollyoaks

How does Warren Fox get revenge against Felix in Hollyoaks?

After sitting and stewing about his former tormentor Felix, Warren decides to take action next week and breaks into Toby and Celeste’s flat. 

We’re guessing it’s not going to be pretty.

But Hollyoaks are yet to confirm any further details, and viewers will have to wait to find out what Warren has in mind for Felix. 

Felix tormented Warren throughout his childhood

Why does Warren Fox want revenge in Hollyoaks?

It instantly became clear that there was a dark connection between Felix and Warren when he rocked up in the village and caused a stir in the Deveraux family.

Warren then told Brody that he had been bullied and abused at boarding school, leading fans to assume that Felix was his tormentor.

Warren explained: “I was bullied, tormented. Bruises, burns, broken bones. Another kid [did it]. That lad, that animal, tried to crush me, break me down so I was nothing.

“That animal, he’s the reason I am like I am today,” Warren continued.

And Felix was recently confirmed as his abuser when Warren confided in Sienna, Brody and Liberty about how he used to torment him when they were living in the same children’s home.

Fans think Warren and Felix might team up to teach Cormack a lesson

Are Warren and Felix going to team up against Cormack in Hollyoaks?

When Warren confronted Felix and ordered him to leave the village, Felix told Warren that their former carer Cormack used to beat him till he was black and blue. 

When Warren refused to believe Felix, he pulled up his top to show a stunned Warren the scars from when Cormack used to beat him.

Warren didn’t believe his former tormentor and rushed off. 

But next week Warren contacts Cormack to tell him about Felix’s allegations. 

Hollyoaks fans are convinced it will lead to Warren and Felix teaming up and putting the past behind them. 

One fan tweeted: “ohh yeah! hope Warren and Felix team up but feel like cormac won’t be around much longer.”

What has Jamie Lomas said about the Hollyoaks storyline?

Speaking about the storyline ahead of Felix’s arrival in the village, actor Jamie Lomas – who plays Warren – revealed to Digital Spy: “[Warren] just doesn’t know how to behave, really.

“He justifies his actions in his own head and does what he needs to do to survive.

“He was brought up in a children’s home, which we’ll really delve into in the coming month. So he has to do what he has to do to survive.

“We’ve got Richard Blackwood, who has just come in. He’s going to be a great addition to the show, and he was part of Warren’s history growing up in the children’s home. We’re going to really delve into that and find out why Warren is the way he is. I think fans will love it, and it will be really interesting.”

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