How many kids does Patsy Palmer have?


PATSY Palmer is best known for being an EastEnders actress.

However, she isn’t the only famous one in her family – her kids have their place in the spotlight too.

Patsy Palmer and her family

How many kids does Patsy Palmer have?

Patsy Palmer has four children.

They’re all famous in their own right too – here’s a look at what we know of her children.

Charley Palmer Rothwell

Charley stared in Dunkirk

Charley is a 29 year old actor from Bethnal Green, London.

His credits include Dunkirk and Our Girl.

He’s the oldest of Patsy’s children and he has a different dad to his siblings, being the son of boxer Alfie Rothwell – Patsy’s ex-boyfriend.

He once told Nuit Magazine: “It took me a while to realize that I wanted to be an actor.”

Fenton Merkell

Fenton with his sister Emilia

Fenton is 20 year old model.

He is managed by Select Management has has featured in Wonderland, ID, and Flaunt magazine.

It was reported to that a few years ago he was dating Cindy Crawford’s supermodel daughter Kaia Gerber.

He’s the son of Richard Merkell, as are the rest of Patsy’s children.

Emilia Merkell

Emilia is a model living in Malibu

Emilia is 19 years old and also is a model with Storm LA Management.

She lives and works in Malibu, California.

Bertie Merkell

Bertie is Patsy’s youngest child at just 10 years old.

He also lives in Malibu with his mum.