Huge radio and TV star to star in Hollyoaks 15 years after first appearance

Scott Mills - Hollyoaks

A HUGE radio presenter is set to act in Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks, 15 years after his first appearance on the programme.

The former BBC Radio One host, who left to takeover Radio 2’s early afternoon last year, looks to have more time on his hands for acting.

The star teased they would make a return to Hollyoaks

Scott Mills last starred in Hollyoaks back in 2008

Scott Mills took to his Instagram grid to reveal that he would be making a comeback to Hollyoaks, 15 years since he starred in it.

Back in 2008, the radio DJ made a guest appearance as a police officer, where he tried to keep Leila Roy out of trouble.

His second-long appearance saw him pull up in a police car before dropping former character Leila, played by Lena Kaur, back home.

“Thank you for looking after me last night,” she could be heard telling Scott’s character, as he helped her out of the car.

The radio presenter then replied as he walked off: “Remember what I said, alright? Stay clear of the bad boys.”

Now, Scott, 49, revealed he is set to return to the soap for another cameo appearance, as he photographed the script.

He took to Instagram to show off the script for “episode 6110”, cleverly hiding which date it was due to air.

“Steer clear of bad boys, alright?” the star captioned the post. “I am back, 15 years later, I’m returning to Hollyoaks.

“I’ll let you know more closer to the time, but tomorrow my [radio] show will be from Liverpool!”

His friends and fans went wild over the news, admitting they couldn’t wait to see the return of the “PC Mills” character.

It comes after Scott broke down in tears live on Radio One as he sobbed through his final show last August.

The DJ waved goodbye to his position at the radio station after 24 years of hosting – and made an emotional speech.

“Let me see if I can get through this,” the DJ could be heard saying as his voice began to waver, detailing his highs on the show.

He went on, as his voice cracked: “I, like millions of you, have grown up with Radio 1 – and whether you believe I’m 38 or 49, reports vary, it’s been more than half my life sat here talking to you.”

“Sorry,” he could be heard saying as he took a break, breathing shakily before continuing again between sobs and sniffs.

“In that time I’ve publicly come out, I’ve met some of my best friends, I’ve had break ups and found love and lost it again sometimes and said goodbye and hello to family.”

“Every low this show has got me though, and every high I’ve been lucky enough to celebrate has been here,” Scott said as he continued to sob into the mic.

“Radio 1 has been a constant through all of this.”

He went on to thank his listeners for sending in “kind messages” of what the show has meant to them over the years.

Last year, Scott revealed he had quit his post at BBC Radio 1 – in order to take over one of the biggest show on air.

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