I was humiliated, gagged and fined during 18 months of hell at Hollyoaks, rages Lysette Anthony in EXPLOSIVE outburst


FORMER Hollyoaks star Lysette Anthony has claimed the soap humiliated her in an explosive rant on social media.

The actress – who played Marnie Nightingale since 2016 before she was killed off earlier this week – says she was “gagged, silenced, suspended and fined” by bosses in “18 months of humiliation and hell”.

Lysette has hit out at the soap for humiliating her for 18 months
The actress played Marnie for five years on the Channel 4 soap

Viewers watched as Marnie succumbed to injuries from the explosion in heartbreaking scenes.

Posting on Instagram, Lysette raged with a screenshot of a report about the race row that engulfed Hollyoaks in 2020. 

At the time actress Rachel Adedeji hit out at Hollyoaks over their treatment of black cast and crew members – causing an investigation and widespread changes at the soap.

Leaked Whatsapp messages also seemingly showed Lysette being called “trash” after she appeared to brand those supporting Rachel as “traitors”.

Now 18 months on, Lysette has hit back and revealed she was suspended by the soap, writing: “After 18 months of humiliation, of Hell; Gagged, silenced, suspended, fined .. oh do I have a story to tell. 

“Ask yourselves this. Why oh why have [Hollyoaks] EXTENDED my contract a few weeks back until the end of February..? RIP Marnie..etc.. boo hoo.. ??

“Lime Pictures – you’re a TV production company not Tin-Pot Dictatorship. 

“Clear up your s***, then form an orderly line and APOLOGISE.. to myself and my son. 

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“What we have been put through beggars belief… I understand that Mao is having a bit of a thing in China. But Childwall? 

“Personally I am SO OVER this ‘Cultural Revolution’ gig- lite. You certainly excell at forcing Dreamers to crawl. 

“And as for the DISGUSTING sign you have FORCED me to wear for 18 months.. May you rot in hell…”

Lysette also revealed she is retiring after her experience at Hollyoaks.

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She added: “I have been warned by speaking out I may ‘never work in television again’. Ok. Fine. I am retiring. 

“Go f*** yourselves.. my days of abuse are OVER. SHAME ON YOU.. Seek [love heart] seek light.. Lysette Anthony.”

Hollyoaks and representatives for Lysette have been contacted for comment.