Im A Celeb fans in hysterics as Corries Andy tries to compete with Caitlyns car collection by bragging about Kia


I’M A Celebrity fans were in hysterics when Andy Whyment tried to compete with Caitlyn Jenner’s Porsche collection by bragging about his Kia.

In a game of Would You Rather, the reality star, 70, told the group about her car collection – including her incredible new car, the GT2 Rs Porsche.

Caitlyn Jenner and Andy Whyment compared cars

However, the Coronation Street actor also had a brag – saying he’s got a brand new Kia Ceed.

During the game, Roman asked Nadine: “Would you rather have Caitlyn’s planes and the ability to fly them or her cars?”

To sweeten the deal, Caitlyn said: “I’ve got some badass cars. I have a GT2 RS Porsche brand new, the fastest production car in the world, 700 hp.”

Andy then played his trump card: “I’ve got a brand new Kia Ceed, it’s lovely. It’s a 1.4 petrol so I’ll give you a race!”

The KIA Andy owns
Compared to the Porsche Caitlyn owns

Everyone in the camp cheered.

Viewers found the interaction hilarious, with one person saying: “”I’ve got a brand new Kia seed.” Howlin”

Another added: “Kirk you legend. #ImACeleb”

A third said: “Ive got a bran new Kia seedLove Andy #ImACeleb”

Andy is a fan-favourite

Andy probably needs a more practical car than Caitlyn, as all of her children are adults now.

Whereas Andy has Thomas, 11, and Hollie, nine, with wife Nicola Willis.

Viewers stuck up for Andy in last night’s episode after accusing James Haskell of shutting him down in a discussion about the weekend’s roast dinners.

The actor narrowly missed out on the Sunday night treat, alongside Cliff Parisi and Ian Wright.

Caitlyn has won over British audiences

Desperate to live vicariously through his more lucky campers, Andy has been asking for details about the dinner.

Camp leader James snapped: “Stop worrying about last night’s dinner, mate – you’re honestly going to do your head in.

“You’re going to torture yourself.”

Defending himself to other campmates, James continued: “I’ve literally heard him ask 20 times, I wouldn’t have asked because I can’t have it.

“It doesn’t matter if the whole building was made out of chocolate.”

Dejected Andy replied: “It’s not doing my head, I am just asking what you had last night.”

James Haskell snapped at Andy

He later apologised to the actor, who insisted that there were no hard feelings.

Viewers at home were firmly on Andy’s side, slamming the rugby hunk for “disrespecting” his co-star.

One wrote: “Trying to see who the f*ck James thinks he was talking to, disrespecting Andy like that.”

Another added: “Who the hell does James think he is?? Cocky little s**t.”

A third said: “James is passive aggressive. Everyone tip-toeing around him. Call him out someone!”