I’m A Celebrity’s Beverley Callard says she would ‘chin’ any actors who trump on Corrie set


I’M A Celebrity’s Beverley Callard says she would “chin” any actors who trumped on the Coronation Street set.

The actress, 63 – who plays Liz McDonald on the soap – said she and her on-screen husband Charlie Lawson (Jim McDonald) banned farts on the set.

Bev revealed she has a trumping ban

Bev spoke about her hate of passing wind with the other ladies as they discussed their worries about how their new diet would affect them

Talking in the Telegraph, the star said “If I did it, I would die.  I would cry with embarrassment.  Truly, I just can’t stand someone else doing it, unless it’s by accident.”

Beverley told the ladies: “In Coronation Street, Charlie (who played my on-screen husband Jim) and I had a rule, no farting on the McDonald set.”

Victoria said “Very good inside Corrie intel.” Beverley replied: “We had none of it.”

Bev as Liz McDonald on Corrie

Simon confirmed she doesn’t like farts

Giovanna asked her if anyone had broken the rule, to which Bev laughed and said “If they did I would probably have chinned them!”

On Friday’s Loose Women, Bev’s Corrie co-star Simon Gregson – who plays her on-screen son Steve McDonald – confirmed her violent disapproval of farts.

He told the panel: “I’m very surprised about the fact that she helped clear out the toilet, because if anyone trumps in her vicinity they get a clip round the ear.

“She hates toilets. I don’t think she’s ever had a poo in her life.”